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7-10-19 Mentions

Rare big quake after smaller Cal downpour in June/May Wild fire season starts when
The big one 1906 Ventura County Sherman Oaks Galleria
Sherman Oaks Galleria San Luis Obispo County Stand in a doorway not best
“triangle of life” old “drop and cover” new Northridge Earthquake
7.1 quake was almost 3min? vid Richter scale multiplier SB county homelessness
Sherman Oaks encampments Skid Row in LA Police contracting typhus LA
The poop map SF site The Helenic Insider
Julie K Brown Reporting on Epstein Miami Herald 4-19 Ghislaine Maxwell sued Robert Maxwell
Maxwells death Browders mentor Maxwell Maxwell and Mossad
Client Wexler Zionist Mueller Report Internet Research Agency
IRA private entity Ruling on Mueller Movie Independence Day
“I’ve been saying it” ID Eric NYT Epstein story Trump fan Epstein Acosta story intel
Bear Stearns Mueller broke Rule 57.7
Local Court Rule 57.7 prohibits lawyers from expressing opinions that would prejudice a case DOJ Broke Rule 57.7governing extrajudicial statements by prosecutors in criminal cases Aaron Mate story Crowdstrike
Real Clear Investigations

Non prosecution agreemt

Miami Herald 2008 Brown
Charles Krauthammer Kiriakou “Why do people roll their rs” Greek Prime Minister pandering
x Greek PM Alexis Tsipras PASOK Greece socialist party SYRIZA His new party
Troika EU bank IMF Trump’s 1st visitor Tsipras err Mitsotakis political family
Greek cab 41 people 2 women Mitsotakis from Harvard Greek Bill Clinton
Glifada beach Bush at Mitsotakis wedding Tsipras campaign promises
Greek election had 40 parties Varoufakis up 9 seats Finance Grexit
60 % voted for Grexit Tsipras cred gone Syriza party continues
privitization Macedonian naming dispute
Kirakou's Book by frmr dir cntr intel Lex Wexner Epstein boss Lexner Victorias Secret
WaPo story the death of the left in Europe Blairite Clintonian neoliberal
Alan Dershowitz Jair Balsonaro Glenn Greenwald
OJ Simpson trial Dershowitz Center for Security Policy Zionist
A Case For Israel” Dershowitz book Harvard Law Prof Dershowitz retired Arguments and Hazbara ops?
Yashiva University Epsteins attorney
Ultra orthodox jew no tv Yaakov Shapiro “never been to Israel​” Israel claims all Jewish people
Nationstate law Shapiro book: The Empty Wagon: Zionism's journey from identity

Kirakou Book re x cntr intl chief 2