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7-11-19 Mentions

Tanker insurance up 10fold Epstein intelligence agent Acosta hearings transcript
Pete Townsend Auto destruction art student Art Kelly
Guatamalan women congress Medea Benjamin Miram Sousli
Jim Jafras Hurricane Barry Landfall
British just stole 2mil barrels Iranian Oil Hovercraft
Patrick Henningsen Channel hvrcrft decommshnd Lolita Express
Cuba used as prop blackmail Epstein had cameras Acosta Labor Secretary
cul-de-sac (circular reasoning) Acosta Epstein intel agent? 21st Century Wire
The Sunday Wire Mohammed Morandi #287 David Icke
The Round Table Group Council Foreign Relations Lizard people
BBC segment early 90’s​? Vanessa Beeley started 2015 Captive agents
Nina Cross Prop or Not Fake new list LA
Dr Melissa Zindars Miramount College DFRLabs
Atlantic Council John McCain Divisive
Sen Arizona McCain Open Russia Institute Michael Weiss
Henry Jackson Society Neocon think tank
HJS Named after Scoop Jackson Connections to Breitbart? The Menace of Unreality author Michael Weiss
“I dont believe it” MR Mikhail Khodorkovsky George Soros
Bill Browder Alan Dershowitz Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghisail..Ghislaine Stormy Daniels Robert Maxwell
Edmund Safra Daily Beast browder kill order Hunter Thompson
Putin’s chef Micheal Weiss Prop or Not Litvonenko
Christoper Steele Sergei Skripal

Man in the High Tower

Venezuela coup Guiado misappropriation Humanitarian aid
7-13 press event embassy​? Venezeulan bank accts UK

3.2 bill held by 20 banks

1.2 bill worth of gold 2.9 bill from Libyan sov fund Duterte missing people
Bay of Pigs Castro 1954 Guatemalan invasion Brazil coup d' etat 1964`
Chilean coup d'etat 1973 IranContras in 80s Hugo Chavez coup
Honduran coup d'etat 2009 Monroe Doctrine John Bolton
US Ukraine coup Elliot Abrams Nicolas Maduro
Hugo Chavez in 2002 Tucker Carlson in No Korea Tie Dye Cappuchino
“Henry” Ross Perot died Ralph Nader Chevy Chase Gerald Ford
Perot evac employees Iran Vice Pres debates Stockdale Quayle VP
Dukakis 1988 Stockdale glasses prohibtd Wouldnt let him move ?

Idlib is al Quaida haven

US Turkey blocking Syrian oil

Egypt blks Iran oil Suez canal
Salafi sunnis Shia Wahabi
US is backing al Qaida Salafi Afganistan and bin Laden Israel friends w Saudi Arabia
NoEastern Syria Kurds Kurd no majrty in No Eastern Syrian Christians
Kurds history in Syria is short SDF syrian democratic forces US is selling Kurd state

Nomadic Kurds wil WWI

Kani Xulam
Erdogan Segue Syriangirl Facebook
@Partisangirl twitter Youtube SyrianGirlpartisan Epstein Mossad MI6 ​?
Epstein friends Ehud Barach Les Wexner Foundation Robert Maxwell Mossad
Ghislaine Maxwell Mar a Lago Maxwell Browder mentor
Girl recruited at Mar a Lago Prince Andrew in black book Joe Pollock ran for congress
Chuck Johnson GotNews Alan Dershowitz Mark Randazza
Cernovich is a lawyer Legal Satiricon On rape
Atty for Chuck Johnson MR Dershowitz Cernovich hero? Julie Brown on the View​?
Julie Brown fm Miami Herald Dersh applyng prssr to media Sexual blackmail
Barry Diller The Daily Beast Barry Diller CNN get stories from DB
Michael Weiss is DB too Ken Vogel Center for American Progress
McCain Funded by Soros Labor Party row Tommy Robinson sentenced
Iranian tanker approachd UK JCPOA Jatras years w State Dept
Dr Phil Cold War Balkan interventions
Orlando 2020 rollout Trump Foggy Bottom Mike Pompeo
Pompeo no diplomatic exp Foreign Service FSO Madeleine Albright
Spheres of influence deal Neomercantilist

Prior to Pearl Harbor

8 pt plan Japan Russia 2016 WWI​? Kersh Strait Poroshenko
McDonlds linolm NIH study Chris Williamson Belmarche prison
Williams supports J Corbin Foreign Policy revolutionary? Plymouth University
Tory Party Al Jazerra doc The Lobby up on 21st c wire Blood Money Cernovich mov
Qatar money frm Brookings Muslim World League SA funds Brookings too
Misdirection AIPAC Piers Robinson
Integrity Initiative Gideon Levy speech Henry Jackson Institute

Richard Dearlove MI5 head

SIS secret intel services Christopher Steele
Jonathon Winer Mikhail Khodorkovsky Ben Garrison cartoons pol
Genie Energy Dick Cheney Rupert Murdoch
Bill Richarson MEK peoples mujahadeen Albania
Howard Dean Rudy Giuliani speech MEK Mother Jones realtime spy
MacArthur Foundation Peter Thiel calls Google out Eric Weinstein
Gawker suit Bilderberg The Atlantic Charter 8 pts