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7-12-19 Mentions Fri

Obama Girl Diamond and Silk Tropical Storm Barry
Social Media Summit Barely Political tv ‘08 The What Guy ?
TMZ Restraining order Impugn
1st amendment Rohingha Muslims Myanmar
Trump Tower Chicago Redacted Tonight Natalie McGill
Patrick Hennigsen Stormy Daniels Lee Camp
Trump Epstein quote Harvey Weinstein New Currency in africa
Dinar Gold backed currency Red China
Capitalism Socialism Corporatism
Friedrich Engels Karl Marx Frankfurt School
Constitutional monarchy Tribal politics Communism
Invisible kings Bilderberg Citibank chose Obama Treasury Dept
Most Favored Nation status Ethiopian workers shipped to UAE Globalism race to bottom of payscale
Schengen zone EU workers NAFTA TPP
2008 Bank bailout Too big to fail Corporate welfare
Deutche Bank DB execs get 1800 suits while 18k workers lose jobs Deincentivize work
Incentivize graft Crony capitalism Steve Bannon
Corporate socialism Entitlement Ethiopia 1974 Marxist took over then 500k people gone
Dependency Local empowerment Dick Cheney
George Bush Wall Street 2008 bailout bonus checks
Tribalism Keynesian economics Globalism open system
Karl Marx economist Stalinism Fascist dictator


Epstein skii slope Social ice cream licking vids
CBD SCOTUS on cannibis sales Snail species
Pescatarian Did US start this trade war Libertarian
@Mark Frost libertarian econ Virginia Reynolds Giuffre Alan Dershowitz
Dershowitz admts massage After 1971 producity and wage increases diverged Henry George said lnd ownership src of inequality
Russo? ownrshp of land The Clive Report? Gold standard 1971
No wage increases snc 1971 The Federal Reserve Alex Jones Show appearance
Spielberg took boats Epstein​? Epstein was recording visits Brownstoning
Did this happen to Trump? Sociopathic tape of Cernovich 2015 Dershowitz “never”
Flt logs contradict Dershowtz Daily News interview 2015 Former Butler contradicts
1-21-2015 Daily News “nvr” Ali Alexander Joy Villa
TMZ Social Media Summit Kristen Nielsen
people shouldnt listen to Sputnik” Missing Paul Joseph Watson Laura Loomer missing
Gavin McInnes Proud Boys Milo Yiannopoulos Western Journal
Largest conserv news 2015 Facebook Young Cons missing Right Wing News missing
Jim Hoft was there Dan Scovino Trump twttr Dan Scovino organized
Scovino blocked Breitbart The Daily Caller Facebook traffic DC b4 after election 30% to 3%
White house comms team Who invited guests? Scavino Josh Hawley Missouri
Section 230 utility clause Trump team investigation Call on conservative media
White House press briefings Studies by Harvard conserv Studies by Columbia conserv
Comm Dept White House Press Corps New Media
Acosta resigns Post Dorothy Oz Elites protect elites
Epstein Russian spy hah Saul Alinsky 101 Pearl clutchers
75% interest rate derivative swap clearing EU goes thru Deutche Bank TL SIFI systemically important financial institution..CP Hard support at 0
German economy falling TL Mario Draghi “They use banks not tanks”
Greece just turned populist Grk demo young hard rt Martin Armstrong economics
Brexit Nigel Farage A derivative meltdown
Safe haven trade