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7-15-19 Mentions Mon

Trump quote “ I wouldnt telegraph my plans” l AOC twitter fight head ICE Archie Bunker
JCPOA geopolitical vandalism” Darroch quote Lnd daily Mail Iran no attacks for centuries
Iran says doesnt want nukes Israel Nuclear Program Book Jefferson Morleys “the Ghost”
Israel Dimona sites Israel only 8mil people over About 50 countries nuclr power 31 SL
Iran attks Japanese tankers? Turkey buying S400s Tanker wars
His article S400s When nations buy Patriot missiles they do not control them ​? Turkey want control over weapons that why S400s?
Russia cooperating w Turkey Turkey 2nd largr land army in NATO NATO raison d’etre fight Russia
Long term goal for NATO to spin it to global military US sanction of China Selling weapons to Taiwan
Huawei scandal Pres Ping “a long march” Trump “...go back”
Mackies Public House Redacted Tonight RT studio FaultLines Meet Up Thursday
“dignity of the office” Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy intern
Amazon Prime Day Germany Amazon 2nd buying Facebook’s LIBRA hearings
Trump Crypto tweets Thurs Jeffrey Epstein bail hearing Netanyahu investigation Epstein fmr PM Ehud Barach
Netanyahu vid Wexner Fndtn Les Wexner Limited Vic Secret Wexner gave Epstein house
MEGA group Equan​?

WSJ israeli megadonors

VOX art says Wexner Edgar Bronfman NXIVM Bronfman in MEGA

Alex Acosta told Epstein intel

2 president tied in Victims of Epstein and Trump
Flt Manifest shows Doug Band Teneo Huma Abedin
Clinton Global Initiative Bill Clinton denies connectns Lolita Express
Ep lawyer testfd Epstein gave 4mil initial donar CGI Dalton School NY Hired by Donald Barr William Barr’s father
Donald Barr in OSS William Barr CIA Donald Barr book “Space Relations” sex slave
John deCamp Larry E King Franklin Coverup

Jim Rothstein NY city detectv

= Larry Summers
Introduced by LadyRothchilds Dershowitz counsld Golan Hts Ben Garrison disinvited summit
Summers friends Epstein Bill Richarson on flt logs Cernovich knows Dershwtz
Suzy Dawson Consortium News hacked Disobedient Media
Unity4J Assange booted Joe Lauria July 11 Unity4J suspended
Others network also shut Twr Outage on July 11 Equadorian embassy silencd
Belmarche Guantanamo Bay Wise Up Action UK
Unity4J twttr lockout Julian Assange Caitlin Johnstone
James Okeefe Google vid Trend of censorship Dem pri YT Suspend livestreams debate
Twtr wont publish users # now “Woot, there it is “ song Buffalo Springfield - Somethings Happening Here lyrics “...people carrying sign say hurray for our side”
Virginia Reynolds Giuffre Recruited from Mar Y Lago Epstein banned MarYLago
Bannon met Epstein last yr Nina Rosenwald Zionist Orgnztn of America
Harvey Weinstein Les Wexner Concord Mgmt and the End of Russiagate
Concord Mgmt Mueller indictmt Concord

Mueller Report

Mueller Rprt said Concord govt Judge said Mueller contempt Judge Friedrich
Forbidden Mueller to say Evidence link IRA Concord is used NYTimes article Collusion IRA Facebook ads DNC hack
Footnotes Stone indictmt based on Crowdstrike report 6-12-15 JA announces big Clinton leak Guccifer 2 announce online

Mueller say WL from Guccifr 2

Smoking Gun first Guccifer 2 No interview Assange
2003 Mueller testfd Iraq WMD 92% posts IRA unrelated elec Kilimnik state asset Ukraine
Misfud’s pics w Fveys actors Amb Chaly fired
William Craddick week ago Blood Money movie Dershowitz wanted docs sealed