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7-2-19 Tues Mentions

If there was something you heard  mentioned in today's Fault Lines show but wanted to know more's a list of links to any of the names, events, new stories, movies, and books that were logged. Check and see if it's included!  (listed in order presented)

Queen Fat Bottomed Girls
Freddie Mercury Nostradamus
Sir Mix A Lot Kardashians
Q Anon Tucker for VP story
Trial balloon John Bolton
Tianamen Square Genie Energy
Jared Kushner Paul Singer


George Soros Bill Browder
Dart Brothers Bill Richardson
Mary Landrew Rupert Murdoch
Lord Rothschild Golan Heights
UN study on refugees cause by US Major Gen Smedley Butler
Identity Politics Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Northern Planter’s Bride book Dixie plantation New York raping party?
Antony Sutton interview Skull and Bones Avril Harriman
TwinFalls Idaho Chobani Yogurt 60 % of refugees from regime change war?
“Rich Man’s War Poor Man’s Fight” Wage slavery
Ship of Fools” by Tucker Carlson Constitutional monarchy
Tulsi Gabbard Blair Mountain 1920
Ludlow Colorado 1914 Rockefellers Pinkertons FBI predecessors
Sheriff murdered in the courthouse Blair WV Henry Ford murdered workers 1932

Stop Trump Rally DC National Mall afternoon code pink 4th

Trump blimp from London am Big Baby
Ariel Gold Code Pink @codepink Abram’s Tanks
4th July weapons parade  Koch Bros and Soros stop endless wars
Yemen War Powers Act? Korean War
Stephen King “Christine” Karen Black voodoo doll show
NDAA amendment The Udall bill in Congress
Saudi Arabia BDS movement
Squeeze song “Up the Junction” Boycott Saudi code pink
Clapum, England, UK Huawei
Betsy Ross flag Airmax 1
The General Lee jump across a gorge Spearchucker character in Mash
Pepsi will bottle Aquafina in aluminum cans Tom Woods
All political discussion must fit on 3 x 5 card” - Tom Woods from title of his book DNC rules “anyone participating in non sanctioned debates will be eliminated”
Justin Remondo
Lew Rockwell Eric Harris ?
Solopsistic Cato Institute
Koch Bros ousted Murray Rombard Libertarian Party
Scott Horton Tom Luongo
Jennifer Ruben Interventionism
Vladimir Putin Interview w Financial Times – Putin PAYWALL FT
groupthink Stranahan on RT today 7.2.19
Tupac Hologram at Coachella Aramco
Leslie Nielson “Naked Gun 2-1/2” talking re boxing: “Lt. Frank Drebin: All I know is never bet on the white guy.”
Tapachula, Mexico
Homeland Sec Advisory Council
Flores settlement agreement


Article AP Father and daughter die crossing Rio Grande
Leon Fresco