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7-8-19 Mentions Mon

Danny Max Santa Barbara CA 7.1 Earthquakes Cal OES Earth farts” LS
Earthquake in 1979 Anaheim Livermore earthquake 1-24-1980 Northridge earthquake
Phones with cords Cordless phones Radio Shack
Dutchsinse CA globe the Crowdstrike rule” 13:05 Roger Stone indicted
Cat Cora’s Kitchen Salt Lake Debbie W Schultz resignation Mueller
60min "A Spy Speaks Out" Hiphop musical for Clippers Grimes vs Maim twt 01:13:38
Gary Cooper Pride of the Yankees” Dyan Cannon
Jack Nicholson Lakers Nicholas Wilson ... Mr Ethical Solomon intrvw Deripaska
tac-tique” 37:18 Red herring Carter Page
Preet Bharara Paul Manafort
Party of Regions Oleg Deripaska Livingston
Robert Otto Robert Otto’s wife Bill Browder
Konstantin Kilimnik Prof Mifsud Ash Carter
Russiagate 48 Laws of Power Robert Green
HSBC James Comey board HSBC Two Degrees of HSBC theory

Oper Carwash scandal Brazil

Canada Corruption

FIFA bribery scandal

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficker Clive Bannister mgr HSBC


FCO Troika Laundramat DFA
Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Magnitsky Act John Ashcroft Atty Gen ERR Ashcroft was not FBI head
"waterboards dont grow on trees" 56:56- 57:10 HSBC 2012 DOJ “too big to fail

Chancellor George Osborne

FCA UK Andrew Bailey FCA Purchase of Household HFC Finance Co in US 58:50
Khodorkovsky Bank Menetep Magnitsky Act is HSBC’s Firewall” NW
Edmund Safra Safra’s Republic Natl Bank Dana Rohrbacher
Ellen Nakashima’s 6-14-16 WaPo story Hacking the DNC Elon Musk “Time Machine” LS 01:11:59 – 01:13:00
Cry Kill Die” song GN haggis

Proud Boys

Field of activity” GN Lenny Bruce Naval protesting”
Der Antwerp high voice Kraftwerk band Integrity Initiative UK
Bellingcat Atlantic Council Open information
Elliot Higgins Ben Nimmo Digital sherlocks
Zinc Network propgnda Propaganda videos 2017 London Bridge attack
Skripal attack I love Salisbury tshirts Project Mockingbird
Project MK Ultra Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire
White Helmets template hidden hand” NGO
Post truth in a Post Truth Age film Bellingcat James Le Mesurier creator of White Helmets Blackwater James L speech 2014 BBC Radio 4 audio
Call of Duty w White Helmets Information warfare Crowdstrike
Orbis Christopher Steele Shawn Henry FBI
Expose network of NGOs 56 Intitute for Statecraft Private info partnership
Atlantic Council Media Diversity Institute upscaling to upscale”- Expose
Facebook + Atlantic Council Kit Klarendon v E Higgins Mark Sleboda
Leaked memos UK war Iran UK seized tanker Iran Gibralter is a UK colony
EU sanctions on Iran unitlaterl Strait of Gibralter are Intl Syrian oil in occupies parts
Act of State Piracy + Agressn Oleg Deripaska The Hill on Deripaska
Putin Oligarch Manafort
Berezovsky Goodfellas Martin Scorcese
Kleptocracy Yeltsin Entrepreneur
Lucre Koch Bros Rupert Murdoch
Jeff Bezos Zuckerberg FBI asset
Deripaska FBI asset Tim Cook Apple
Vid Putin pen Deripaska 1:04 Andrew McCabe Deripaska Deripaska ransom money
Clinton State Dept reject deal Victoria Nuland Sheldon Adelson
Donald Trump Jr. Facebk ads after election Pinewood derby
Iran Nuclear Deal Frank Giustra Clinton foundation donor
Uranium One HSBC Epstein connection bad for trump
Epoch Times transcript Epstein connected to Trump Lolita Express Mulligan
John Kiriakou in Greece New Greek Prime Minister Greek Parliament
New Democracy party 42 percent did not vote? Kyriakos Mitsotakis son PM
Bush connected to Mitsotakis? Golden Dawn neonazi shutout New Fascist Party Greece
Greek candidate selling letters signed by Jesus Loud and Clear radio Ryan Cristian
The Last American Vagabond Youtube show Iran and enriched Uranium
UK seized tanker nr Gibralter Venezuelan coup Panamanian ship
Iranian owners Destined for Syria Because of EU sanctions
Saudia Arabian hld Iran tanker Julian Assange non American US unilateral sancions
Juan Guaido US seized bank accounts UK stole Venezuelan gold
Guaido suggests talks Reserve currency Dystopian
2011 Libya BBC 2.9bill missing 1.4bil gold Libya Khaddafi Prior to Libya plenty
Dinar Slave trade in Libya Gaydri group blds port
Migrant Crisis started in Syria No oil for Syrians US weapons in rebels hands
Haftar? Galydri group port Fmr US pilot crashed claimed he was Portuguese Western Intelligence are in Libya w mercenaries
Ginny Reese the pilot US bombed location nr Idlib 2 bombd win 24 hrs no press
Preemptive self defense Occupation of Golan Hts Netanyahu invasion of Gaza
Maryland stopping CB edibles Flooding in the DC area Jeffrey Epstein scepticism
Mar a Lago Deposition Epstein’s bros Indictments unsealed
Ariane Grande Alexander Acosta and Epstein