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7-9-19 Mentions

Preet Bharara


Qatar soiré 7-8-19
UK Ambassador Kim Darroch Nigel Farage “Remain-er”
Globalist Liberty Hat Smurf
Brexit FISAd
Hong Kong extradition protests Mainland British Colony
Leader of HK drops extradition Hong Kong eze? Corr Hong Kong”ers” National sovereignty
Treaty of Westphalia Significance T of Westphalia
Steven Lovegrove Tunnels to Towers Eric Swalwell drops out
“its time to pass the torch” vid “Tell A Friend Tuesday” FBI swat team Roger Stone
Arraigned Pretrial Kevin Spacey thing
Text messages were altered Lawyer asked for deletion Spacey case falling apart?
House of Cards” serial vid Jack Abramov Swimming With Sharks” vid
Bruce Springsteen Brilliant Disguise song Nirvana
Married Very song? unintelligible In Utero album Kurt Cobain
Courtney Love Superman I vid Christopher Reeves
White Helmets

Patrick Henningsen

21stCenturyWire @21wire
Cuba prior to Castro Havana Myer Lansky
Jewish Mafia Riviera Hotel in Havana Myer Lansky family suing
Kompromat Juanita Broderick Clinton withheld emails 2 yrs
Perkins Cole lawfirm Clinton connections Russiagt Levels of criminal organization
Mark Sleboda oligarchs Lee Harvey Oswald Cuba Jack Ruby connected Cuba
Dixie Mafia Dyncorp Andrew Breitbart
Book “Righteous Indignation Pigford Farmers Case Bill Clinton on Epstein
Angel Urania Clinton press sec Cody Shearer Brett Kimberlin
Alexandra Chalupa Kimberlin 2016 w for DOJ District 9 movie 01:11:30
Matt Damon “Elysium” vid World Cup pay disparity Slurpee Flavor Capn Crunch
Haggis pizza Offal
Bruce Springsteen “BrilliantDisguise End daily political cartoons Media Freedom Conference
RT and Sputnik denied access Ted Rall Clickbait headlines
Lloyd Shearer editor Parade Cody Shearer Extinction of political cartoonist
Why must cartoons die 2003 fired Phil Donohue Jesse Ventura fired
Pat Oliphancy Pulitzer "Afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted" Ford Fisher Youtube demonetized channel “if it bleeds it leads”
Project Veritas Google Soft censorship Demand Free Speech rally Sat
Stop the bias Right wing was being censord Freedom Plaza skateboarders
Antifa rules for journos Diversity of tactics Symbiotic
Field of activity State of EM Kern + SanDiego Grease” movie
Cliffhanger building Matthew Perry story Laurel Canyon
Kevin Spacey witness Seinfeld Jerry’s Deli Larry David
Wounded Warriors Tunnels to Towers Coco Gauff tennis 15yrs old


Bruce Jenner Dennis Rodman
Superdelegates Bernie Sanders Tulsi Gabbard
Tamminy Hall Broward County corruption Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Post mortem Russiagate Trump Derangment Syndrome
Two party system Two parties not in constitution Ballot transparency
“Boycotting elections” “Mental Health offensive” Long in the tooth
Dennis Hastert The Second Mile Alan Dershowitz
Mike Cernovich Virginia Giuffre “Blood Money” film
Brookings Institute