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Crosstalk on Assange

A few shows about Assange on RT's Crosstalk. Latest one on 5/31 'Assange's Fate'

Guest Andre Walker obviously does not like Assange, and has no clue how vicious and unfare the US legal system is, but he does make a good point, where sadly LaVelle talked over him.   There is a big difference between a journalist or publisher and a whistle blower. The latter is within an organization, and spills the beans on corruption or illegality, putatively for the public good, and because chain of command will not be effective.  A journalist or publisher however is an outsider, has no relevant chain of command, and there is no test as to what he writes or publishes is for the public good beyond being truthful and legitimate information. 

Manning is the whistle blower, and it doesn't matter if she gave it wikileaks, a print newspaper, or put it on disks distributed on the street. The issue what she did was already through the legal system, adjudicated, and she got a sentence for it -- eventually also a pardon. It's done with. Action against Assange is purely political, vindictive, witch hunting -- and absolutely fascistic and tyrannical.

What wikileaks facilitated in releasing showed how fascist and tyrannical the US has been, but ironically, what the US is doing now to Assange shows it even more so, and is a greater indictment of the US than even what has gone before, and cannot be excused as 'past mistakes, in the heat of battle or whatever', but completely, openly, and premeditated crimes in realtime, right now. There is no 'fog of war' to hide in here, no excuses, and no way to better convince the world that the US is being run by gangsters and war criminals.