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Thanks for the heads up on this Lee.

Check out what UniRock says about Cernovich @ ~18:30 minutes.

Part transcript of Webb-Stranahan 20190722

I'm here live with the Lee Stranahan.
This is proof right. We're live already.
Yeah well I'll let you get your I'm not trying to get started.
I'm just trying to get something cool up on the monitor but I might not be able to.
Yeah so Lee's gonna work on the monitor but he's under a lot of pressure here as far as you know trying to he's got a lot of stories going on.
Yeah that's okay so I wanted to you're gonna start your stream Jimmy.
Yeah so I'll just give I'll preamble this and you'll hear it - so while Lee's getting his audience going.
I got a battery - if you need power oh you look good on power.
But we have the Flynn key on trial going on right now with Bijan Rafiekian on or Bijan Kian with Mike Flynn and interesting.
The closing statements were just made and I just left Alexandria and the there was a opening closing statement by the prosecution that a redirect or cross-examining the cross-examination or the counter closing statement made by the defense.
Then I had to leave after the rebuttal by the prosecution and it was getting past six o'clock and I think what they wanted to do is just the redirect or read the rebuttal
whatever you want to call it for tomorrow I don't know how it actually ended up.
So but it was getting after six o'clock so it was pretty early in the night but both councilors made a point about Flynn you know Michael Flynn isn't here and both counselors made a point about well and both sides could have
compelled Mike Flynn to be here.
So the prosecution accused the defense of not calling Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn said the same thing about excuse me the defense said the same thing about the prosecution they both used that in their closing statements as proof the other side didn't really well they they both use the same evidence as proof that they were right which I thought was interesting.
And the Judge would have compelled Mike Flynn to testify.
So hello everyone.
So as we're gonna do a simulcast here with Lee's audience.
I just I'll just keep doing my thing.
I was just letting everybody know as they're coming in.
Yeah so we will be talking about Lee to Lee about all the stories he's doing.
I've obviously covered a different part of the Epstein story where he was sort of being kind of a courier between between Europe the NATO northern NATO and southern NATO in my in my background and my stories.
And my Alptekin as well.
He's this guy who had who buys us aviation company called Eclipse Aviation.
And I looked at the background of buying this New Mexico company which seemingly was a front for Epstein.
We don't know that for sure but it just seems odd that this guy who's who's plugged into Turkey NATO and plugged into Dutch NATO is so plugged into buying aviation companies for out of New Mexico where Jeff Epstein operated.
So that and there's a lot more data there as far as.
Yeah yeah okay.
So you're going you're good.
That's that's what I want to talk about actually
Oh great great great hang on one sec so let me get this rolling okay.
So we're gonna bring Lee in.
I am here we'll get will let people come in for a second I am here with George Webb
Hey how you doing here you go and he is simulcast.
Hey don't cross the streams draw across the stream
okay I guess journalists can't work together that is that what you're trying to do?
That's all okay all right that's all that's right don't cross the streams
Yeah hang on everybody how you doing?
I'm here with George George is broadcasting on his channel and I am broadcasting I mean you're just gonna really do that?
Yeah I'm gonna hold it
yeah that's why it's very impressive actually yeah it's it's like the gun
grip you know that we use in Sniper school at the GRU Sniper school I or I
could comment that you're very good at holding things up with one arm yes I
guess that would okay there's a joke there somewhere
I's a joke by implication.
How's everybody doing tonight so we're here let me just.
Lee sounded together they say okay.
Yeah there's nothing I can do about sound.
Okay they move you in a little bit yeah.
I think that's good but we're here at the office of Citizen Journalism School just a block and a half from Washington DC.
I'm wearing too many pairs of glasses George I think maybe I need one.
Maybe I need to go no never mind.
Go ahead so uh I wanted to talk to George because I know he's been doing stuff on the Epstein thing and you and I have not actually spoken since I was doing stuff on the Epstein thing right.
And we had him at Speakers Corner last time I had in front of the White House last time I talked to you.
That's right yeah and so so I thought we would do kind of a simulcast on this.
Yeah great and I also got a raise I gotta raise money.
sure so my that that
If you send me 51 bucks at PayPal dot me slash leestranaghan what you'll get is you will get the book that I'm working on which is
called The Epstein File.
Jeffrey Epstein Files.
Jeff Epstein I think the subtitle is gonna be Jeff Epstein and the or or the guide - hi
Jeff Epstein's connections to the Deep State Globalist Elites.
Lee no no believe they shouldn't send $51 they should send $500 and sponsor somebody.
GW dove in there for three of those they did yeah yeah so so sendin sent in the big money but if you can't send in the big money send the fifty one dollars to Lee.
Yes but but send something because this.
I get to give this book done very quickly.
I'm starting at this Friday okay in earnest cuz I'm off the radio show for a week.
Oh so I heard 10 days right yeah and what I decided to do if I can just tell you sure how does that we've talked about this.
Okay so my plan is is to have this be a I'm trying to a quickie book but a useful quickie book okay and so I want to give people a general sense of the issues that surround Epstein that I don't think the mainstream media is gonna cover.
So is DynCorp gonna be part of it I don't know the let's talk know the answers maybe yep well let's talk about it.
Okay so I'm going to talk about his connection to Genie Energy.
You have multiple connection serious connections to the what I'll call these as I can't hear so let's move it closer maybe yes no no no no okay we'll just have to talk louder just have just deal with it okay nothing I can do okay.
So the the connections to Israel the connections to UK, Robert Maxwell the connections to.
Well Maxwell is easy we both agree on that one so.
Yeah but you know it's funny because if you have two people working on things all the time we don't you I don't see all your
stuff and a nose right yeah and it's like two overlapping circles there's there's stuff in the middle where we're you know we've both researched but then there's stuff over here that I've done on DynCorp and you have done stuff over on Genie Energy.
Well I've done a lot of Genie Energy but I also but I.
But if you could tie Genie Gnergy to Jeff Epstein that's a big deal.
Well do you want the ties it's very very simple.
Yeah let's talk about Genie Energy Advisory Board.
Okay let's start with Bill Richardson.
So who is Genie Energy? Let's talk about that. Genie Energy for if you don't know holds the exclusive drilling rights to the oil on the Golan Heights.
Now that decision by Donald Trump leave aside whether you agree with their not let's just talk about the factual predicate on that.
Donald Trump a couple months ago said okay Israel he changed basically 60 years of US policy and said okay.
Golan Heights belongs to Israel. Whether you agree with that or not one of the people advised him on it is Alan Dershowitz.
Alan Dershowitz of course at Jeff Epstein's lawyer sure and Alan Dershowitz is also Jeff Epstein's friend.
And he's been accused by one of the by two of the victims actually of having sex with them.
Now so before we go there come just do Genie Energy real quick.
Yeah no I am so I was gonna say you know like the Rupert Murdoch and well but Apco.
And let's start with the advisory board okay?
So on the advisory board of this company Genie Energy and again remember Dershowitz was on record as urging Trump to do this is Larry Summers.
Larry Summers former Treasury Secretary under Obama.
Money Launderer through Harvard University.
A Head of Harvard, exactly right and was introduced to Jeff Epstein through Alan Dershowitz.
Well I think Bob Maxwell's in there to somewhere but whatever.
What I'm just saying.
Yeah yeah if you're just direct line.
This is the official story yeah he says he introduced them.
Now okay also on the Advisory Board of Genie Energy is Bill Richardson who's Secretary of Energy who's on the flight manifest for the Lolita Express.
Okay and this is where in the Flynn Case, just to update you, Flynn in the Flynn Case one of the co-conspirators Alptekin buys this New Mexico aviation company called Eclipse Aviation.
Which is derivative of Evergreen Aviation but forget that for.
An out no is it that's interesting.
Yeah and I'll tell you an Epstein Aviation before that.
But go ahead you know we can talk about the New Mexico thing because you know what if you took.
Do you know what the age of consent in New Mexico?
No I'm afraid what you're gonna tell me though it's gonna be 16.
Up until up until a couple I want to say maybe five years ago or something it was fourteen well I think it was 13 or 14.
New Mexico had the lowest age of consent in the country.
So I kind of thought Temnnessee had that title but no I guess.
You know New Mexico I was and like I said maybe I'm wrong maybe it's eight but it was after I was very selfish thing I find it very interesting that Epstein had a property now again Santa Fe beautiful lots of rich people.
And see you and I might disagree a little on Epstein cuz I say he's doing compromise.
He's a spy kid you know.
No I agree with you there.
Okay well here's here's what it is.
He's obviously got his own sexual obsession so that's clear.
We've just wept the witness after witness reports it so he's not just.
Forty Jane Doe's can't be wrong.
He's not just not just procuring people and not just doing blackmail right.
So he he's a he's a legitimate paedofile.
Right right.
So but i think they used that.
I think he was kind of a throw to mask the fact he's running he's doing the Victoria's Secret Finding you know for models for Les Wexner and and and every other oil million billionaire in the middle east you know so.
Yes well so just to finish on Genie Energy thing we also have a Rothschild on the Advisory Board.
Jacob Rothhschild. Dershowitz was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein again according to Dershowitz through Lady Rothchild one of the Rothschild people.
Yeah Rupert Murdoch on the board of Genie Energy Rupert Murdoch is a player in this whole connected to this whole thing.
Connected to 20th Century Fox with Marc Rich and Bob Maxwell.
Yes right and and then you have so just so just there.
Just the fact that on the Advisory Board you've got a who's who tour through, out of like I think.
Is there any more Clinton Foundation Members left?
Yeah well I mean the other and the other big Clinton Foundation connection of course is Doug Band who's on
Justin Cooper
who's on those flight manifests over and over.
And they're always saying can you get me a few more dip passports and once I get you a dip passport once I get you a diplomatic passport it's don't check my bags if you please it's kind of a license to run drugs or or weapons or whatever you choose whatever.
Yeah or whatever yes yeah and I think the Doug Band connection is one that people haven't brought out and that's really big.
Because it was on the flight manifest is on yeah the manifest.
Justin Cooper is another one because Justin configures the Windows server for Hillary Clinton and the email.
See I don't know anything about Cooper.
Oh I know all about Justin Cooper.
Justin Cooper he works he's that tech guy who works directly with Doug Band he worked over at he worked over at Teneao.
Oh he did the server obviously for Hillary that Windows server before Bryan Pagliano or whatever that guy's name is.
Remember the guy who did the windows the Apple server was Brian somebody I can't remember his name.
Okay the guy who did the original.
I don't know this
The the guy who did do the original Clinton email dot comm was Justin Cooper and he's the guy who didn't get immunity from Comey.
He was one of the five co-conspirators that didn't get immunity but Brian the guy the guy who did you know the the Datto and that guy he did the Apple server the Datto back up and then the Platte River Networks.
Where they move the server to New Jersey well that guy got immunity let me let me try and let's just say Pagliano Brian Pagliano.
Yeah we're okay yes I guess yeah let me let me tell my approach in this book though cuz you'll actually I've come George be interested
in this yeah cuz this.
I've written two books.
It's a no but it's not money but you know me and.
You know what you don't want to write books you want to go out and report whatever was happening right now I do
Kind of kind of it's just you know what kept me from getting a book done is I know stuff too well in other words I never finish my work so you always want to keep I always want to keep going perfecting yeah so what I'm doing in this book I'm not doing that at all.
You're crowdsourcing it what no no no no way here's usually does okay I'm gonna it's like a guidebook.
Okay pretend you had a guidebook to Europe right now it doesn't go over in detail like it's not as it's not as detailed as a London guidebook but if you're not gonna go to London you don't really need that.
So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over these major areas.
I'm gonna lay out the facts that we know for sure so for instance Doug Bands on the flight manifest like that's for sure right then I'm gonna do what I never do.
Which is I'm gonna lay out working theories and conjecture see I won him over it and it's never conjecturing that's all but here's what it is and I'm
gonna lay out Duke said I won yo I'm gonna lay up count counter theories as well so for instance.
Could I turn your own advice back in on you?
Yeah yeah yeah
So the first day I met you we were at the we were with Ruth Chris I think at Reagan Airport possibly it was up there good happy hour yeah and Lee said you know you told me about the Al Hisrajeh mosque and you said that's where the 9/11 hijackers were yeah that's what got me beelined right into the Pakistani I made that Pakistani connection right from the beginning you know what?
The oh yeah the ones I said this is where they're laundering the money Falls Church you know how close to the Falls Church they do CIA car dealership's too
Al Hisrajeh mosque I mean I was on that like wouldn't lead to all to me that I think I went there that night as a matter of fact.
I think I wanted to else right yeah that's right I can't drive never I don't drive so the other thing is Lee said do a timeline do a timeline yeah and I think if you laid out your Jeff Epstein timeline the book writes itself because that's one two three four we got a Jeff Epstein timeline.
So here's a bang so let me tell you what people get for their 51 bucks
okay they're gonna get the electronic version of the book as soon as it's done
okay they're gonna get the audio book as soon as it's done Wow but more important so they get this Center maybe they're gonna they'll get short yeah but what and wish I'm gonna transcribe as well by the way oh but more importantly they will get to watch me write the book.
I'm gonna do live writing sessions and I'm going to be sending them the outline the timeline all in progress all in progress.
And I'm gonna get people's feedback on stuff like for instance the title the subtitle the so that's a little bit of crowdsource the cover art yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
It's not exactly.
I'll tell you what I'm doing there's really good reporters like for instance on let's say money laundering.
Okay Lucy Commissar knows a lot more about money laundering than me but that's okay because I'm gonna give enough of the the basics where people understand the Epstein connection to HSBC and the world of money laundering.
Well I want to know more about that.
Well we should write the time line right now live.
why I've been I've been
What's the first milestone what's the first stepping stone?
I've been I mean I find the first stepping stone is OS s OSS agent Donald Barr's is Donsld Bsrr who writes a book for the Atomic Energy Commission teaching spy kids about uranium.
About nuclear-powered submarines about nuclear-powered aircraft carriers about nuclear-powered rocket ships maybe someday.
A science fiction writer OSS just happens yeah to be in August of 1945 with Robert Maxwell super spying Robert Maxwell who was a Czech spy and he's there you know.
And will be
And and they show up with Dalton School and they close down this this spy school in sorry Baltimore which is called Hollaberg and OSS is doing all their.
Turns into the CIA obviously and then doing all their strategic ops out of the Port of Baltimore and then they move it to New York and it just so happens OSS spymaster Donald Barr moves to New York the west side of New York Columbia.
Where what happened the Manhattan Project right so he is in he's a student at Columbia he becomes the Applied Physics Director at Columbia.
Which would you know a good way to put engineering students into Columbia.
You know to get secrets somehow the secrets keep getting into hands like the English and well they're our friends but like the Russians and the Israelis and the South Africans and the Indians and the Pakistanis.
Everybody gets the bomb.
It's almost like you had a bunch of DuPont spies go in there for it bring the secrets out and start selling it all over the world through a proxy named AQ Khan.
And you know you know the story about how Israel got the you know. Dimona and all that.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
But you could the Angleton yeah the Angleton so Jim Chaseus Angleton was the Head of Counter Intel at the CIA.
And legendary. And after Dulles and he was around that
or Frank Wisner
after Frank Wisner was in that area I mean Angleton was so pervasive at the CIA that just saying he was a counter-intel sort of underestimates.
But he was his job to make sure no one stole the uranium that ended up at Dimona.
It ended up because they tested him right and after he died Angleton just like three Memorials I think there's either two or three memorials to him in Israel.
Because you preserve the HEU that's that's right this is the way to start the first chapter.
Yeah the Epstein Epstein saga begins with Donald Barr and and the OSS and Angleton and the Deep State connections to uranium.
I could go earlier we'll see.
Okay well but you could always write a preface if you've already blocked it in and chapter one apart to maybe write an introduction and.
The Barr stuff is important and of course is his I gotta get a copy of that here's a you know with George really what we should do is we should quit talking about politics here's what.
I should help you write it now won't take a dollar.
All you did no here's the deal ready?
Okay we should do a dramatic trial of Jeff Epstein he was a dramatic.
Better we should buy the film rights to Donald Barr's science fiction novel about the sex slave in space.
The one he wrote in 74? Is that lodestar?
No it's the other one.
It's it's a way it's got like a long subtitle
Because there's one that's lodestar which Henry Kissinger uses to describe a Lockheed Loadstar.
You know yeah what's the other it's just this is the one he wrote in 74 right after he left the doll in school right.
Ind I got it's not that one that Barsoomians with the Martians and stuff?
Is it?
Lisa Barsoomian
Okay nevermind
This is the one about an intergalactic sex slave.
Okay that he just happened to right after he hired Jeff Epstein to teach high school well and everybody says good move yeah and I say move look that's who you really want your school.
Well and here's the here's the problem with that whole theory that it's just he's a calculus teacher and he's teaching physics. Jeff Epstein flunked out of college twice.
And as a twenty year old you can learn to fly you can actually have flight skills and you can be taking people like Donald Barr out to New Mexico to go to Los Alamos and to go to other places.
But you don't have any reason to think he had?
Yes I do I think he was the pilot for Donald Barr and I think.
Why do you think that?
Because there's no reason to hire Jeff Epstein as a physics and okay and at an elite school
that's a made-up reason I agree yeah
that's a testable hypothesis
that's that's very sketchy
but it is but it's testable
any like anything
Well here's here's what happens
Here's how I look at this somebody's gonna go out and look at see when he got his first FAA training now and see where he first flew a plane.
There's gonna be some recorded evidence of where he first flew a plane.
But why?
Here's why I say Donald bar if Donald Barr's putting spies into Colombia to exfiltrate secrets right? yeah.
He's gonna need to fly their spy kids to the different places where the secrets are.
You've got applying the spy kids on the weekend to Oak Ridge. You've got to fly into Fernald and Cincinnati where they make the fuel rods you got to fly them over to Rocky Flats to look at the nuclear triggers you gotta fly them.
You know what I mean you got to fly them all over.
Well okay so let me so this is one area where and I said it my thing I said debate and discuss because you and I so so that approach.
Let me let me tell you what I'm doing in the book okay so I'm gonna doing them okay I when I cover stuff.
I'm gonna cover known facts what are like the flight logs for instance the flight logs.
okay yeah if.
It's a N four seven four A W is one of the flights just one.
One that's one of the tail numbers right okay.
Okay so if so if if say if it says Bill Clinton, Doug Band entered in the flight log. That's a fact.
But that's a slice.
We're know right where flight books this is just a slice right okay but the fact is what it says in the flight log.
Then then I'm going to differentiate sort of the secondary so in other words that's a that's a fact that they're mentioned and.
There's a lot of other planes there's N212JE because that's the New York area code and 212JE so he has another tail number called N212JE
And then there's a whole series of those 212JE's and I can't remember how many of there's like three or four that he has so you have to look at all the tail numbers.
Well this he did before the book and after the book.
And so this is what I'm really worried this is what I want to get this book out quickly.
Because this story is gonna keep going and I've done this already.
The mainstream media is just burying this spying the intelligence
Right right right totally agree
And to me the fact that the Daily Beast reported that in the White House Alex Acosta said to people he was told that Epstein is intelligence.
That should be the biggest story in the country.
Maybe that's the lead lay off Epstein.
Maybe that's the lead and then you can go you know start in middle and then go into the.
I can tell you where it's gonna start it's got I mean I know where it's gonna start.
The timeline I'm not sure but I know the book is gonna start with him getting arrested just because that's a good this recent arrest okay.
Just cuz that's a good enough place to do it but then as I go through chapter by chapter I'm gonna give people a sense of where the story could be going.
Okay and so this way when stuff happens like let's say like let's say I don't know what's gonna happen but let's say let's see Epstein is mysteriously.
I think your timline idea is a good thing because you could yeah just insert the new things in your timeline you know.
And I'm creating this guidebook so people can look at it and if they're interested in like okay I want to know more about this Russia Thing let's say.
I'm gonna direct them to the other like we'd give you an example I'd Whitney Webb on.
She writes for MintPress.
She was talking to us.
Wrote a really great article.
Yeah the Roy Cohn stuff
yeah it was a really great connection.
Connecting Epstein to Wexner.
That was beautiful and all the stuffs that she found about the organized crime the Meyer Lansky's connection.
And the other guy that was a runner for the beer and the booze.
Yeah that's right.
So what I'm gonna do is.
To Bronfman connected right to Bronfman
And the Bronfman connection is is huge.
And and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna like sort of do a cliff notes version.
An outline
and then say here to, you know to find out more, Whitney Web blah blah blah
So a lot of these things i want to really direct people.
Really a guide book like I said I tried to think of a book that I could do quickly yep.
That would not be garbage and it would be genuinely useful.
And this guide book idea I really like it and and the reason I'm really hitting hard on the fundraising George
51 bucks is I've already been threatened
You've got five kids
that's what well let's no no
Yeah no yeah no but the kids are part of it one of my kids is working now so that's nice um
But both your kid older kids are always
I don't
I want to get ahead of the lies.
I want this to get ahead of the burying so enough people know about it and because I've been threatened already
and threatened about that but I'll show you I'll call I'll tell you okay okay oh
I'll tell you I'll show you
Well you know threats are usually me I call that positive metadata
I like it I like threats because threats mean that your your warm or your over the target which is kind of cool
so don't
I'm sorry I won't say anything but you're
Oh I know who it is
huh I don't okay yeah
and I said
Yeah I should be careful
yeah right
so again it's not like it's like what I take that as a threat
that's pretty serious you know
I I think they have a lot more to lose in this battle
I do too okay and
they're they're covering up stuff it's all though
let me ask you since we're talking about it because so far the most shiny thing has been the Cernovitch.
I don't call it a fight I don't know what it is George when
okay so they want me to talk on the Harvard connection and all I can say is before Epstein and Feinberg.
Steve Feinberg laundering money through Harvard for DynCorp it was Pug Winokur and the whole Enron gang.
That's just a place marker to stay thing
Well that's
A couple of people asked me about the DynCorp connection and
The other thing when I've been working on that there Russia's.
Real Russia Gate stuff what actually has happened the past three years money laundering comes up everywhere.
HSBC comes up everywhere and don't forget that Harvard has the Safra Center for Ethics which means I know it's hilarious Edmond Safra was Bill Browder's mentor.
And he wrote that article. that article is
That was Maxwell
The pipeline article that you talked about with the cash and the pallets of cash going on the plane and
No no that was uh that was
from JFK that's
He didn't write that
oh he didn't write that
No no no I Safra was in that.
Oh yes it is about Safra
okay he didn't write the article
what was the name of that article
it was The Money Plane, The Money Plane is a great article and if you go to the populus dot u.s. I've reprinted the money plane.
article just yeah money planes' a great
it was really a great snapshot and Lee turned me on to it of Harvard money laundering.
I mean I don't know how else to say it you get a couple of consultants to say yes we should give a whole bunch of money to fill in the blank and then we fill a whole plane up with money and then we wave goodbye to the plane.
and they
That's the end of that story and Safra is the name in the middle
Safra's Safra and Republic Bank. are key there and these are names I'll tell you the other thing I'm doing - did you read the book Days of Rage?
Did you Days of Rage?
Tell me who the author is.
It's like oh I can't
well you know what I there's an interesting
It's an interesting book about the sixties radicals but the guy the guy whose name's escaping me now
I was talking to Peter Duke and he was saying the news is now outrage driven
we're all outrage driven and when you said get ahead of the lies that made me think
hey you you know everyone wants to devolve into food fights and if you can get out the story
Which is there's Deep State ties to Jeff Epstein you have a chance
You have a chance if you put out a book it it somehow gets above the din of the food fight
and I think that's really good that's right and especially
It's like I say this is gonna be a a semi deep dive
In other words that you can always have version two you know
No no but it's gonna be you know
right exactly I got updated but but I'm really just trying to create enough of a thing where people go okay I'm interested in the Israel angle and they can research that or they go I'm interested in the Russian angle or I'm interested in this angle and they can research it for themselves
And start to figure out
And realize and so that which leads to right to the Cernovitch thing.
Here's my big issue when I talk to people on the right which which I would include you in the right-wing media sphere
I'm just saying
That's fine right
I'm not arguing I would say I'm in the middle but you go ahead
no no but but but but you
I know Mike and I met him and so forth then
oh right but but here's what I'm saying I wouldn't forget where you are politically cuz I know I agree with you and I know it is George I know I know that right but your audience is
is right
is broadly on the right.
Now my concern is when I took my I think it's clear A Cernovitch defrauded people literally was taking money under false pretenses I think it's clear that he was lying and I
but they maybe that's his job to do that
that's what I'm saying
I know well first of all if you've ever met Mike there's nobody could who could possibly be that arrogant so I know he's putting on an act
that's that's right
no one is that arrogant that's what I've said the no one the so everything else is food fighting.
The only reason he's food fighting with you is because you're trying to get this Deep State story out
And he's trying to say oh no send me money
I don't
it's just I don't I don't
Derchowitz's you know guy going after the girl
so well I mean you know I mean
I saw your show I know that
I'm gonna make that case
no no you showed the document
a victim said the victims
I am very familiar with this case because my roommate worked for Jeffrey Epstein okay and she would did the week during the week things up at the stone fortress and she went out to Long Island
go ahead thell the story
she had and they would fly it diplomats out to Montauk I think it was and then have these outrageous parties
you know your buddy Mike the Mercer's do an immersive her family and Renaissance Technology threw half these parties and half of them more than Russian spy kids out
there at the Russian Retreat so I mean we know I know the connections.
So yeah Mike lay off because this is really not gonna work it's gonna backfire on you this is really gonna backfire on Mercer it's what's really gonna back and it's it's gonna backfire not just on Cernovitch but right now there are people who are defending him and people who I like.
And her friends Ally Alexander
oh I like Ally and I like Jack
I like Jack I like Jack and and and I'm sorry over over Breitbart and I'm willing to believe that there that they were fooled
well I don't think they know anything about the Mercer's or anything well the technology
It's so easy to figure out that Mike's lying and I can show it to anybody and
Mike's posturing he's playing a role he's just smart he's to stuff he he knows people can look up the case and see he was the one who went after the girl now he's gonna say oh I went after the girl because that's the only way I could FOIA some or get some documents
but that's not
that isn't true I mean he could have there were remote as you know
so let's go over the timeline cuz
you go ahead
you know this better than here's what I found I found people on the right because of Mike Chernovitch's influence don't actually know the history of the story so for instance they wonder why this story like why the prosecution happened now
Now there's there's multiple reasons that could be
Let's talk about some of the facts that are absolutely for sure
So what happened was after the Epstein deal was made about 2008 a couple of the victims immediately sued.
Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 and the reason they sued is that Florida's got a crime victims rights act and that when this deal was made the the non-prosecution agreement the NPA.
When this was made
The Acosta layoff
The Acosta which I think Acosta is a patsy.
I every label everything the Acosta layoff Jeff Agreement
okay right
so so when that happened these two victims sued and one of the things they sued for was to get the records opened.
Now that's been making its way through the courts for about eleven years now and it's actually making some headway.
So well it didn't come out now because it's making headway it came out now to try to smear Trump I mean
Well there
The picture of Trump with Epstein and I and I and
I I agree I agree that's certainly possible and I agree that certainly a co-factor.
11 years in hibernation and then it just comes up
No but here's what I'm saying it's not in hibernation you can see in the footnotes that decisions are coming down on this furthermore in 2014 other victims joined the joined that
California victims Rights Act and I'm not saying I'm not saying this is a was the sole factor okay I'm in about what I'm saying is
You mean Florida victims
yes yeah and what I'm saying is lots of people seem to think if you're if you're on the right and you read Breitbart and you read whoever
Daily Caller Cernovitch whatever, Mike's influence has been that people don't actually know that the victims have been suing in the city and they don't know that this the the criminal case was actually a lot of this stuff was about to come out through civil suits and through this Florida Victims Rights Act and so
And so I'm not sayin I'm not trying to say this is the only or exclusive factor I I
I tend to agree that going after Trump was a part of it but I also think it's possible for instance like right now Israel's pushing U.S. foreign policy in a lot of ways including the Iran stuff which is happening right now right now but
But again I'm gonna lay out all the different things that could be cofactors but this gets this history Mike
This is this is the point I want to make
Okay Mike could have intervened in that case he could have said I'm a member of the press I want to get involved
He's a lawyer too so yeah be pro se really easily yeah but this one didn't intervene in the DNC case that took
that's why you
named George woman
And and when I when I've talked to him about some of the stuff that I talked about real Russiagate and the Kimberlin connection the Chalupa stuff he's literally run away
He literally ran away from me at at CPAC
There's a reason I think none of these guys have covered this and
You're deep research and Mike is more like rah rah Trump you know what I mean Mike doesn't really do Deep Dive you know he doesn't
he doesn't encourage his followers to research anything
Well here's the thing I actually know okay where Mike gets gets some of his info from and I will talk about that in the book but I know and I think you do too
that that
Chuck Johnson
I just say that I know and maybe maybe you know some of the places that Mike get his information from and with that his money and his money so without commenting on that
Who works for Mercer's
Oh Mike come out O
h Mike is
Mike has had an association with Chuck Johnson yes he happens as well as Jeff
do you believe that speaking of Chuck I loved it it usually I love you to death but do you believe the origination myth that Chuck tells?
Where he said he actually he found a laptop with 20 million in Bitcoin that was on it?
You ever heard tell
That's true I've heard that story and that's a little far fetcched like maybe the Mercer's might have left that in a trash can and then you picked it up Chuck?
Doesn't that's an odd story that's an odd story
I much I have much more would believe that as a way of laundering campaign paola to influence campaigns by giving it to Chuck to let him launder it.
Yeah and I'm not saying it's for Steve Bannon I never said it was for Steve Bannon
well we
I'm not saying Steve Bannon is the guy directing how Chuck gives the money.
I will be talking about Steve Bannon in the book
oops I was there
I just stole more of your
I'm your okay because somebody's based on stuff that I know firsthand working it right for working for Steve that's just an outrageous story Chuck.
That's an outrageous story 20 million dollars that you found on a laptop and it has nothing to do with Steve Bannon and the Mercer's really?
Yeah okay go ahead
I mean after I saw that threat I'm like okay I'm sticking up for Lee that's it yeah
Well and that's why I appreciate you and your audience and I'm telling people
And again George you know me yeah I don't hit on donations hard you know I know you were the hardest working journalist in DC thank you very much.
He really works harder than anybody I ever know donate on this because yeah
I got it I got to get to the point where I'm not focused on fundraising at all
well they want you there sooner
the best they want you there
you know maybe maybe Mercer's will leave you a twenty million dollars in Bitcoin.

thatsĀ  ~50%

Second half - BTW correction to follow on Russian spies 1930's

I'm pretty sure they won't.
I'm pretty sure they won't.
There's a price I can be bought for and 20 million might be it.
I know yeah yeah
You know they loaded up I'm not gonna say Bannon loaded up the transition team the Trump Transit Traider Transition trader team but Rebecca Mercer was on that Bijan Kian who I just got out of the trial was it was lated loaded in there.
Rick Gates, CIA, Paul Manafort, CIA.
It was just like the.
I am just shocked yeah sure I'm just shocked that Trump even is still here.
I mean with all the intelligence aligned against him it was just amazing.
Well one might argue.
Oh oh you're gonna go he's one of them
One might argue no one might argue that Trump is doing what they want him to do and I tuned.
They got him over a barrel.
That's what you say to me yes.
And here's here's the thing to understand with these blackmail operations okay they don't need to have you be a child molester they just need to have you close enough to it.
And not say anything.
Does that make sense?
Yes and that did happen.
I'm sorry that's that is true.
And and in that that well okay
But somebody just said Felix Sater.
Felix Sater used to operate out of all these Trump properties and they would just put Trump's name on it for naming rights.
The Istanbul Towers is is really relevant in the Trump Kian case, the Flynn case because Felix Sater operated out of well in that case it's that gold trader that Zarob guy but they operated out of Trump Towers in Istanbul.
So if you're operating on a Trump Towers even.
Trump doesn't go down there and say Felix who did you sell the the three million dollar condo to? Yeah right
I think like beta Papa Baby Doc or Papa Doc from Haiti.
Was in one of Trumps places from
Trump just looks at the check
Felix you know and
So they're trying to guilt by association with Trump but they've got everywhere.
Haiti keeps showing up and the other things that keep showing up by the way is this and this is this gets into the.
This starts to get into the Cernovitch Dershowit thing.
Which is the idea that Mike Cernovitch is somehow a victims advocate.
it is
I don't want to go after Alan Dershowitz you know because I think I only want to go against people who threaten you physically and I had to see the threat.
So well here's the thing I know
Dershowitz this is was it was a money I'm not gonna say laundering expert but I he was the one guiding.
The reason why he got the six point five million from Jeff is because
He didn't Jeff didn't
Jeff knows how to fly planes and helicopters he doesn't know how to launder money.
I'm not saying Jeff.
Alan Dershowitz was laundering money for dirt for Jeff Epstein but he kind of was.
When you give advice to somebody and say go through HSBC private bank go through Ed Flaherty go through the you know the server you know and you give instructions.
That's aiding and abetting money laundering in a way I think that but because you're I'm your counsel I'm protected.
This is this is the other thing I've noticed a lot of people who followed the story with unwittingly or wittingly through Mike Chernovich
and again if you're on the right period you've read Breitbart stories or other things it hides from you what Dershowitz is being accused of by the Miami Herald by the way.
One of the things
The Herald did a great job on by te way.
They've done
photos and kind of a half way story well you know limited hangout
Here's here's what it is they've done a great job in the part that they've covered
right right
Does that make sense?
That makes total sense and and so and so again I'm going to do a Cliff Notes version.
With all credit to Julie Davis and to the Miami Herald for the great work that they've done.
They have done but I'll tell you I was looking at mainstream media coverage they're not mentioning this intelligence connection
and even even The Daily Beast story even the Acosta connection
And what I'm suggesting with Mike is the the worst case scenario is.
That this goes back to what you were saying about him.
I said the same thing
Everybody I know who knows Mike and I know they you know a lot of people
Nobody says he's stupid
No Mike's very smart guy
Right okay now anybody very smart knows when you talk about yourself in the third person you sound like a douchebag right
I say we you know sometime because I'm referring to my researchers
You don't go
You don't go the the the Chernovitch will see you now right then you go well Mike that's you can't you just say you'll see me now?
This is the other reason I want to get the book out.
I need to stop this I like my I think it's well I I think that he's been very dishonest.
I think that when guest his audience has asked him questions he's blocked people.
I think he's being dishonest in his replies which I've I'm gonna continue to go through but I think it's also possible that if he's not.
If he's if the arrogant thing is a is it is a cover story
which I tend to think it it but yes if it's a cover story see here's the thing if you're a disinfo merchant you can't it's 95% of the stuff you have to say needs to be accurate.
Right right right limited hang out. You have to hang it for the five percent.
You have to do mostly accurate information
And I think there's something very dangerous that's gone on in and again I work for I work for Breitbart this is nothing to do with Andrew.
I worked for Bannon and I worked on the inside I know what stories they killed I know what stories of mine they killed.
I know Bannen didn't want me to go to Beirut
So you've you've turned on Bannon and you're with me now on Bannon
oh oh
I like this
Well here's the thing he visited Jeff Epstein yes he did a couple years ago and I have some info on that
But I will tell you
Save that for the $5,000 gift
I mean I'm I got a confirm it but
You should give Lee $51 just cos Lee's the hardest-working journalist in DC
Don't make him send you a work product
Just give him 51 bucks because he's a great journalist and
here's the here's and
I'm putting my money where my mouth is
I'm out there
If you want anybody wants to beat me at 1,500 let's start tonight
ya know I did that with Robin Gritz I gave Robin Gritz $2,000
I say anybody want to match and I did
I should have done a $2,000 at once but I did a thousand and then another thousand and then somebody gave me a thousand ten and
then somebody did a thousand thirty let's do that let's do that tonight let's surf the telephone
I well I I told
you anybody want to do 650 no one
yeah George
George is putting in fifteen hundred bucks.
It's three scholarships for Citizen Journalism School
I told you reading at the page going but we've been
let me just show you this have you have you I don't know if you're watching
Now that I have broadcast it you don't need to do a page I want what I really want
is there
no I'm helping you
I want you to get those three scholarships to people who are gonna help you write this book right?
well yeah
And I want you to give them to people who will copy write and take notes from your different stuff and then say
Oh Lee can you can you check out chapter one that I wrote
If you give them talking points in an outline they come back and research all those links that you put in there and then they write you your copy that's how it should work
It should be a call-and-response
well on this one I mean there's certain things that you're gonna hold to the end
no one well kinda cuz don't forget them
I am gonna be writing this publicly
And and part of that is I think the safest thing I can do and I really mean this.
I think the safest thing I can do is be as transparent and and public as possible
I think showing you at the show you're not the only person I've shown.
But I'm talking to other journalists I'm talking to people and making sure.
And I've let the people know that I'm talking to people right and because I'm not I'm not messing around but I'm also just trying to see if they're like a hundred people out there who care enough about getting the truth out and again thying to do journalism a different way.
I'll show you the other thing we've been working on if you've seen FaultL ines my radio show but we've been upping the.
This is incredible so
Lee is
now we have produced Lee artificially
Just check you can see
it's looking
you have the
It's looking nice
yeah yeah you say well
we've been doing we've got a new background and everything so.
Again tell me about it
My sons and I have been building a studio over at the Regent with the Sputnik
right host yeah
And we we putting this together
Then I've been rebuilding my studio
Who's your gal there
That's Cam Evans she's uh
She's a producer on the show
This is the thing we did today we're doing a after the show meeting
like TMZ was hardly Harvey Levin
yeah yeah
We're gonna head whose there's Garland is Garland and that's your sports guy
that's Eric he's my our Senior Producer Eric Gladney yeah Paul Thomas yeah yeah yeah
He does sports
And so we've been
we've been making
I've been trying to up the production value everything we're doing
at the same time as getting ratings
I think people will be very interested away we're producing this book because it's it's I'm
I'm planning this book so I can write it in a week
you know give or take 10 days I'm planning this book so I can write in the week
which normally you couldn't do
You ever tried to write a book?
You always think of something keeps going back and you'll rewrite the first chapter ten times.
Herman Melville they said wrote rewrote Moby Dick 82 times
yeah yeah
I'm not doing that
You're not doing not doing that this book in and and but but the way
we're doing it specifically I think people will be interested
I'll put like this it's kind of a lesson in how to write a book so for 51 bucks that's pretty
It's a pretty good deal.
I think it's good to lean in on that you know I think putting up an outline on one side of the screen.
You know we were talking Peter Duke and I who is a mutual friend of Lee's.
He was talking about all these tools for visualization and what i would really what you and yours
You're so good programmatically.
People don't realize what a kind of a computer scientist that Lee is especially with media.
And that it would be great to have an explorer you know you told me about the kind of a museum explorer for photos and so forth and Peter Duke said the guy who does the visualizations for the New York Times
puts it all out on it's called d3.js
he puts all this javascript out there so you can do
oh really
yeah and I just think there's got to be a couple programmers out there because I think you could go just so far just putting all your players out there
Chapter One just put all the people that are gonna be in the play
It's kind of like going into the Shakespeare thing.
That's what I'm doing that's what I'm
especially together
Brian Burroughs Days of Rage
just a quiet
Borroughs so Days of Rage is about the sixties radicals
The Weather Underground and the FALN and that's groups so
here's what he did in that book it was very smart right up front he's got about 80 people yeah he does two line one line
or paragraph biographies here's who Bill Ayers here's Bernardine Dohrn so this way you can go back and if there's a name
oh it's d3.js org yeah d3.js org is good as that is the website
that's cool
But so so that what you just said you know like the the glossary or the players the playbill
this somebody when they did Trump Spygate stuff they did color codes.
Like here's the Russians and here the intermediaries
Epoch Times, Jeff Gardener
Oh no not the map
not the okay not the old map but but
Somebody did the tried to say Russia Trump
yeah did a Explorer where you just mouse over and it'll give you the oh yeah
first paragraph of WikiLeaks you know kind of things you know
It'll show you all the players and that's what you need for your first chapter.
So we're we're yeah we're doing that we're assembling there's a lot of stuff you haven't seen some of the like I've been.
You should Stone Soup this thing.
Get three or four people to help you on it
no I have people I have an editor okay but I need to
Get people to write visualizations for you make it a little environment yeah
No but see this is once again that's mission creep okay alright I got a
Get somebody else to do that
I got to finish this in ten days okay all right so I planned the book so I can finish it in a short period of time okay bye yeah well
Do you know what because I made a movie in 1996 that I shot a romantic comedy.
Rom Com
In India
Who knew?
An indie an indie romantic comedy and I shot it in eight days for thirty-five thousand bucks on 35 millimeter film and it looks great but the way I was able to do that was I planned the film to be shot in a very short period of time.
We didn't have any moves that
I got you you're gonna keep a tight box so you can about the draw it
I have to be
I have to because again to avoid mission creep
I got just
I guess I've got to go nope not gonna do that
but we may accidentally be writing the film script as I'm as I'm outlining it there's a film script in there somewhere
and so then hopefully I'll be able to
What I remember there was start of Raiders of Lost Ark
we have the plane traveling and the over the old map and it's making this old red line like a chem trail that's what it you need for Jeff Epstein you know you need him flying Donald Barr down to Oak Ridge and flying all of the spy kids down to Los Alamos.
Just the flight logs
Just just where but but here's my point is there's so many Jeff Epstein planes and they were all owned by CIA or State Department or DynCorp or Air America or Evergreen Aviation
You know
Well my understanding is the the numbers were the same but that's not doesn't mean
Oh oh he flew a lot of planes before they let him have his own plane yeah
Oh yeah yeah check out Zorro ranch with DynCorp training missions you know for South America
I mean Central America yeah he he was a helicopter pilot
But anyway finding out his flight training.
Would somebody find out where Jeff Epstein first learned how to fly?
Go back to that I'll bet it was when he.
He taught all those kids like Marchinko the russian girl the model girl he taught her on his lap to fly.
She flew before she ever got braces.
yeah she could fly a plane at twelve years old.
How would we what would we have to do George just to get in it like if we were to get arrested and just to get in a cell with Epstein?
How do we if you say.
I don't think he's in a cell.
He's in a like one of these club
You know look at what his past sentence got him.
I don't do that how do we get look at what his past sentence was.
He had to read the New York Times.
On one day a week
this one day
That's kind of cruel and unusual punishment
That's true George but he didn't get the data visualization he didn't have D s d3js dot org and he's not gonna get any time
They're doing this to smear Trump
They they put a picture out of him with Jeff Epstein and Ivanka in the middle when she's a little girl.
And Trump you know pretending to kiss her on the ear and then and there's a whole bunch of low information consumers out there that are gonna go Oh Trump was in on it.
Guilt by association
So I I think that I think that people often don't what is this there is more than that so but like I say I tend to believe that Trump
I'm gonna make the case in the book the Trump may have been set up and you and I've talked about some of this before
oh he was set up
The Kushner this see the Kushner connections very important here yes
The Genie Energy connection that I talked about directly connects to Kushner.
And this pattern of blackmail is a Kushner family you know about Charles Kushner's conviction for blackmailing his own brother-in-law
Well I would say it's it's a Bob Maxwell/Marc Rich/Mossad kind of tradition say
When you have no resources
you know
But but you know we know that we know the CIA's intelligence
right we know the CIA's own
We know we want to control a country in 20 years and you have $100 in your pocket the first thing you do is go get a girl
and get a cheap movie camera
that's how it's done
I'm not speaking from experience.
I'm gonna say I will I will run the country at 20
I'm taking your and taking your word for it I want you to check out so far we go
We got our first donation
I went to Czechoslovakia in 1998
I'll I'll just call her LJ thanks guys thanks very much
But we need more and I don't want to make I okay you're gonna get more don't worry I don't play be good but you get
You know me
I do
You know me yep
I do not constantly push for like like I'll
Give us more Lee connections to Genie Energy and Epstein and people will send more money
I guarantee
well okay so one of the big deals is you have to understand Genie Energy's connection to the Kushner's
So Genie Energy was
It is owned by a company called IDT it's Howard Jonas is the guy who's the head of that company now.
Is IDT the entertainment?
It's no they were telecommunication we do some but telecommunication say you know what they sell
you're right
It's like those cards those cards you use to call overseas
oh okay
That's what IDT was okay
So they rented for years
So you hack into people's PBX's and sell cards on the street outside 7-eleven
That's that that's
That hack happened to me when I ran an Ortel.
It happened to my predecessor and I was the one who had to do the deep dive.
And it was turned out to be a hack from overseas and they were selling
As soon as they get hack your PBX they they were overseas during daylight hours and they're going to everybody's outside the convenience store selling calls.
yeah right right whatever yeah you know that's what
They're and you can get hit for a hundred thousand you all of a sudden out of your bill you go
Oh wow well where did IDT rent their building in New Jersey who did they rent it from?
Kushner, Charles Kushner
okay that's guilt by association
No no no but it's not we know that Ira Greenstein
We know that Jared Kushner brought Ira Greenstein into the Trump administration
Greenstein was one of three people including Scaramouchi was one of the three lawyers who was vetting people for the State Department did you know that?
Okay so Ira Greenstein while he's President of Genie Energy.
You've been reading too many Rachel Ward books
No I'm telling you no have been go look at it
She's the one who wrote the Kushner Inc.
And she talks a lot about Greenstein
We keep going up
okay well I got I got to read it then.
Yeah yes it's all about that but she's also doing extra expose.
I mean Epstein expose
good good
yes the one who's on MSNBC all the time doing them pretty gal blonde gal with the Russian with the English accent but keep going
Oh no so so so they rented this space but it's not just that.
IDT in their building had a quote, a rather famous quote from from Theodor Herzl.
They're a big Zionist company they're very very big and and by Zionists I mean explicitly they got the Herzl quote up there.
These are not the droids we're looking for these are not the droids we're looking for.
Well so well a lot of this what I've noticed is a lot of this relates to Israel and Israel policy.
And okay so you say Jeff got the bomb flew the bomb parts to Dimona is that what you're saying
No no I know but
He wasn't young enough.
I don't have any proof not all that but what I'm saying is for Bob Maxwell it's it's it's all
I think the evidence seems to indicate that there was a blackmail operation run by a foreign government on US soil and it should be the biggest story in the country right now but well.
I think you're right and I think the rut I just came back from the Russian retreat in May and I certainly think Epstein was tied in with that and you know Donald Barr OSS agent etc.
Spy girls.
I mean basically they move the spy team
The problem with running all army Intel out of Fort Hollaberg and if you want to run a like a covert plan is you're gonna be like.
Where did you go to spy school?
Well I went to Fort Hollaberg.
Well that seems like your military intelligence.
We really don't want you here in the you know secrets of the atom class that you know Columbia
The reason why they were putting the students into secrets of the atom class or whatever it was advanced molecular physics class is because they wanted the professor to sleep with a pretty girl.
And then she could get in there and put the self extracting hard drive or the thumb drive into the computer or before that get his papers and make copies of his papers.
That's what that's the program Jeff Epstein ran on the Upper East Side 74 the 71st Street
Well the other the other
And they also did they also did have Brookhaven laboratories and I know the Mercer's are not happy with me right about now.
But they also ran it at Brook the genetics place
you mean the Mercer Mercer
I know I know it's it's no no Woods Hole.
No it's not Woods Hole that's Massachusetts
But it's that's the other one
Woods Hole is Massachusetts yes it's the other one that's right by the Mercer's
The one that was the I went to it they're Deep Lake not it's not Deep Lake
But somebody else somebody else a it's a National Lab and they did the genome out there
And I just
It's where the guy from Cambridge all of a sudden I can't remember DNA Crick and Watson.
They were at that lab
Well anyway keep going
Well no the other these are to get secrets these are the twenty-year-old beautiful Red Sparrows are not geniuses.
Their jobs to get in the bedroom of the professor that's gonna give up the secrets.
Well the other the other big connection that relates to Genie Energy and it relates to Bannon is Nina Rosenwald.
Nina Rosenwald the Gatestone Institute and she's a big connection between Bannon and as as I'll point out some of the Epstein stuff.
Too many Jewish Jewish names Lee we got to back off.
I know we go out let me let me give you the science angle just just
You threw a lot not threw oh yeah yeah
one of the key guys that they used to take out to the island was the guy black hole guy Stephen Hawking
And they were they were saying the pitch was to scientists we need you to live forever.
You are important to us.
Eric Braveman.
Dr. Braverman was in a health forever society with the Princess of the Princess of York.
And they were making these pitches these scientists
do you think that Victoria Roberts is out there?
The twenty-year-old something's
no way
Fergie you mean the one married to Prince Andrew?
Yes she was in a health life schtick
check it out
Well no
With Jeff Epstein and of course we've seen Prince Andrew on the island
and they always seen the photos
And it's always this throw it must have been Prince Andrew
No they were luring scientists out there
Right and then once a scientist slept with a girl they were like well you're 60 year old scientists with tenure at Columbia or Harvard or wherever and by the way
And Epstein is known for being friends with scientists.
Epstein now
And now he has a science fund
a big science fund through Harvard he has a big science you hundred thirty million
he gets around and he's a member on Council for Foreign Relations and works with Bruce and Trilateral Commission
Bruce and Nellie Ohr ran the Harvard take down they ran the whole Harvard science takedown program
very interesting
okay keep going
So this time well I'm just saying this ties into cuz you know the so we've been doing in Ukraine for a couple of years now I'm not quite ready to write that.
This one
that's what I say is
This is easy for you
Well it is because I'm not trying to be deep does that make sense?
I'm trying to be
You're trying to do try to do an outline
This is me not being deep
What you're hearing is me but so so it's it it's I'm not trying to do the definitive like I could take any chapter in this book and really do a full you could do a full book on it
That's why I friend of mine was like not even a friend somebody on Twitter was like why don't I donate to Whitney Webb and I'm like well donate to Whitney Webb I think Whitney's great.
Now but this is not gonna be Whitney whether
I'm not gonna be what I'm not doing the book that Whitney would do.
I'm doing the book I some of this is based George on stuff that I've never talked about
That I know firsthand about Breitbart and that I know.
Not Andrew Breitbart
Breitbart after Bannen took over
Andrew Breitbart was awesome and Andrew Breitbart there's no huge revelations or anything there that need to be exposed but Bannon does enough stuff that is questionable.
Where again I'm not making a definitive
here's the problem I like Steve personally
but he's Navy Intel and he's them out there at the Pentagon and he doesn't talk about that he's in all these wacky CIA projects as a CEO before he ever gets into politics and then he makes these these propaganda films I can't member the one he made for Reagan and he's he's just
Well I'm the star of one of them so Occupy A Mask. Just one of Steve's films but I can't remember the one he did for PresReagan but a Faces of Evil or something.
Did I say how he directs by the way?
yeah okay
This is a true story
I absolutely I tend to edit your Bannon stories
I know
after they're there the livestreamed are
all right
I edit all the Baannon stuff because I just don't think he deserves the time but go ahead
This is a short one okay so this is the way Steve directed so I I go to the cameras there.
They take me to location we're in LA and he's like okay talk yeah
What? was this direction?
yeah yeah you know why you know why?
because Steve Bannon really doesn't do content he
He relies on people around him like you to do content and he needs people to believe like it like you said Steve wants to build he thought after Trump wonthat was all him.
And he wanted
statues built
yes thanks
in Lafayette Square
That is true.
He was so convinced he won the election for Trump.
And let me tell you something about him and and Epstein and I'm not saying anything except what I'm saying
I'm really not
I'm not saying anything is some way
I'm saying I understand Steve's background
Steve came from a working-class family in Norfolk Virginia where my mother was from and and so so I understand where a guy like Steve
Where I said Ibrahim would attack and bomb if he ever did in the United States I never said Charleston.
I said Ibrahim and Norfolk but go ahead
tried to get that in there
here's my take on Bannon Bannon is a guy from a working-class family who wanted to be rich and is.
Epstein is a guy from a working-class family.
His father worked I think for the parks department
so it's but and so again the you know this is the official BIO
there could be more to it than that but I'm saying I understand where a guy like Bannon
or would would would in some ways understand a guy like Epstein
And I'm not saying Steve
I've never seen Steve
I'll be honest the most I've seen Steve act inappropriate around women is he yells at them.
He's a jerk yeah
he's a big ego yeah yeah
He's kind of an ass
You had it with the diplomatic passports
You nailed it with Doug Band and yeah Justin Cooper at Teneo with the diplomatic passports
it is the diplomatic channel
And I know if you heard but you know Wiener's out of jail.
Well I'm so happy because you know what?
You know what's so great about that is now we can
Now that Imran's blackberries can sync up again and everybody and MWW is gonna be able to get the State Department email again that's what I love that auto sync but if
If people don't know I mean I worked on the Weiner story with with Andrew and so
I see we both worked both sides of this we've been I've been on this one for two and a half years you've been on this for god knows how long ten years yeah I mean since the story probably broke with Weiner I did I read all the Weiner scandals.
I was I was Andrews I was Andrews main point of contact that entire Memorial Day weekend when that broke.
You see what's neat about Lee is you were reporting it as it was happening in 2015 yeah 2014 in 2013 right so gold for oil if I said go gold for oil and Zareb and you know this pool.
You didn't work that news?
I know I didn't know I you know I've learned more like a lot of people did about Weiner subsequently.
But we report on that first story about a 15 year old girl in Delaware and I was on the phone with the with the reporter who I'd given the info to about that fifteen-year-old girl
Patarico also worked in that story so
Was that good for Homuth Beach?
He gets credit this is a 15 year old girl that Weiner met who mysteriously all their messages were erased when the police came to get the computer.
But we were talking about this fifteen-year-old girl this is not who he went to prison for.
This is in the first go-around and the media you know what I watched today for the first time in, since it happened?
I think is Andrew I just to celebrate I did a periscope and I put up Andrew Beitbart for its press conference that he did.
Where he's kind of put on stage there and it was so fascinating to watch Andrew.
The reporters were saying the questions like
Why did you report this?
Think about that.
A member of Congress publicly sends a picture of his bulging underwear to a college student not his wife
See I think that's a throw though
In the media that's not a story because that's not a Epstein
Epstein and and Weiner should be thrown in the same bucket because you're trying to take this wacky pedo thing and that grabs all the headlines and what they're trying to do is say Anthony Weiner wasn't a part of a compromise operation.
He wasn't flying out to Montauk or over a Brock Island or to Martha's Vineyard with Schumer to to pedo with all these kids.
He was doing it to set Harvard professors up
it was
doing doing it to set up people
I you know
that was a compromise operation
He worked for Ehud Barack
You know I said this with Jason two years ago
wait wait
What Weiner did?
Weiner yeah yeah
Weiner and Epstein worked hand-in-glove together on compromise hand-in-glove.
I think was so you know
I just don't understand why first of all Thomas Paine doesn't release the kids tape where the kid says he went to Brock Island and and Weiner and Schumer were there on the boat for some reason they bleeped that out.
Well I went up to Rhode Island to interview this kid
That True Pundit story?
and I interviewed twice.
Anyway they bleeped out who who was on the boat who was on the yacht
Here's somebody who's who's a witness a fake a fact witness and they bleeped it out yeah it's gonna be Schumer it's gonna be Weiner.
Schumer to
Schumer went up to Block Island I'm sorry to go off on this but August thirteen 1997.
okay with Bill Clinton with JFK with Hillary with Schumer and Weiner and the throw story is this kid was raped and all this stuff and maybe he was because the kid was awfully factual
But what they were telling what Schumer was saying to JFK jr. was you're not gonna run in 98
I'm gonna run for the seat in 98
Hillary's gonna run in 2000 okay
You're not gonna run until we finish here our you know at least one term and then you get a chance you're a young guy right
Yeah that's conjecture on your part.
No it's not conjecture that's what this kid says.
okay okay gotcha.
So that's why I want and I don't want
They cut the they cut a lot of the interview out so yeah anyway
And then then the kid turns out to be right there's a photo of Bill Clinton with JFK on Block Island August 13 same same day that person my research partner
see see it's let's
But see Weiner took the old seat of Schumer
So it was all a plan to infiltrate into the Senate from the House.
And I've covered you know it's very interesting months of having a midnight shows
I've covered the Huma Abidin story a lot
I've talked to Huma Abedin's mother
I went to the premiere screening at Sundance of the Weiner documentary that came out
I've interviewed Sidney Leathers but but also I read a lot
I know what Weiner is into sexually
I'm not saying that there isn't something.
No and to me I've never seen any pedo stuff but he but
Doesn't make any difference because with Epstein there is
With well okay the pedo stuff I saw with him forgive me is sexting with the 15 year olds right
but but but they had a beach week in Delaware every week
They had a beach weekend in Maryland every week that they would they would get these girls absolutely insanely drunk
This is back to the Kavanaugh Julie Swetnick story
What I was gonna get
Monica McClain and what's-her-name all three of them were party girls I've talked to so many witnesses where what's-her-name Blase Ford yep Julie Swetnick and Monica McClain
the beach friends were
Were luring girls down there that were young a lot of more from overseas that would come in and be like maids in these little creche
Where would I who did you
I interviewed a guy who said they were trying to get my land
NASA was trying to get my land
I know that sounds very conspiratorial but she said Swetnick, Monica McClain and what's-her-face descended wanted testified cover
And they have a big party and they bring in all the girls and then they bring in all these scientists it was a NASA guy.
And they brought in all these guys and then they meet and in a meet and greet and then they pair off and then this they start sending sexy text messages
That's where your xagent's going in on your phone and then eventually they're in the bedroom with this tart with the thumb drive
I know how hard that is for people to believe but that was Jeff Epstein's operation against the scientists just throwing it out there.
Yeah and like I say he's known to have a lot of friends who were scientists I mean that was a
Donald Barr
Donald Barr writes the AEC how and why series was the how and why series for nuclear energy yeah and he knows everything there is anyone know about nuclear energy.
Of course that would be a great a great feeder for bringing all these kids to Colombia these Columbia spy kids the Manhattan spy kids
I know it sounds nutty but Lukhova you know Lukhova with Cambridge spy ring with Flynn remember?
when when
sure i don't know that
Flip in a February 2014 Flynn is meeting with Halper, Andrew Wood and Dearlove, Richard Dearlove
okay and and why is he doing that
why is he there meeting with them?
Anyway that supposedly Flynn has a fling or they at least at that time said he did with Lukhova the Russian
oh right I gotta interview her
yeah you do and she'll say I'm a conspiracy theorist
But anyway she writes a book about how they bring over 72 Russian girls and they start at MIT and Harvard to get all the secrets out
And they exactly what I said they have the pretty girls sleep with a professor
And of course wouldn't Dearlove by the way I mean the the
interesting thing about dear love that no one talks about here in the States is the Henry Jackson Society
And the Henry Jackson Society is where they came up with the Magnitsky Act
Raheem Kasam told me that he used to be
Explain the Henry Jackson Society
The Henry Jackson Society is a think-tank named after Henry Scoop Jackson ok
The neocon democrat
you're popular no that's okay and that's more money that's no telephone phone ringing
No you know what it is it's it's probably a sales call
It's the robo calls that infest everybody
but any energy exercise named after Henry Scoop Jackson the Democrat neocon it's set up in London.
One of the founders of it is Dearlove another one is James Wolsey who is on the board of Genie Energy
He came up in the trial today
This famous Flynn meeting September 19th
They met with Wolsey and two Turkish officials officials the Energy Ministry of Turkey who is the son-in-law of Erdowan and also this other guy named Corkmaz so anyway
yes sir that's very interesting
but Wolsey appears again
yeah so you know Wolsey comes up again and Henry Jackson Society is also interesting because Bannon recruited at least two people out of there
So Magnitsky is gonna end up being the accountant that said hey we're getting our we're doing compromise on these companies
Browder's taking him down we're stealing these companies and it was actually a big compromise operation.
You think Magnitsky was really a whistleblower and
No he absolutely wasn't a whistleblower
ya know what what Magnitsky was? He was an accountant
who managed the Bill Browder company who
Like he wasn't man his name was on some of them but
He was working for Firestone Duncan and he was in the he was directly involved in this Kalmykia tax fraud he was he was the one doing it
Can I just say two words about the Firestones? The Firestone Duncan
Duncan Firestone is the guy who's over at the law firm right over here
you got to be careful because there's two people in Firestone Jamey Firestone so
They're brothers on
Jamey Firestone's in Firestone Duncan there there's
okay there's two Firestones and anyway you're gonna find them both
One's gonna be the North Russia retreat and the other one's gonna be the Maryland one
They both speak perfect Russian
One of them got in trouble
Jamey Firestone does for sure
Yeah one of them got in trouble for he got kicked out in the country you got out of Russia for running a compromise operation
ya know in Jamie Firestone
but see here's the thing what
Baker McKenzie where's
Once you're involved once you're involved in money laundering you're involved with all sorts of criminality whether it's drug trafficking or prostitution or whatever.
right and that's why HSBC and Menatep which is Khordorkovsky's Bank and and and again Khordorkovsky funded the Magnitsky Act anybody that doesnt believe me can go to open secrets dot org and.
Nobody doubts you on that
look up Menatep MENATEP
no one doubts that Khordorkovsk funded
I'm just saying but people won't know it there's nobody in the press talks about it.
The only thing they wanted to do is give themselves immunity and then be able to go get other people's assets and that created a claw like OFAC
OFAC is the Office of Financial Asset Control at Treasury yeah
They can go claw bank accounts like Hillary clawed Qaddafi's bank account
They wanted that same capability in the Congress you know
People don't realize Kyle Parker and all Bill Browder and all them pushing and pushing push it they weren't pushing this because they were some kind of whistleblower for Magnitsky getting tortured in a Russian prison
They wanted the claw you wanted the claw
We've had this guy Nicolas who goes by name Mr. Ethical.
He he's a huge expert at HSBC he says that he used the Magnitsky act as the firewall to protect HSBC because you got to remember HSBC that James Comey was on the board of
in 2013 in 2012 which is the same year the Magnitsky Act was passed was under intense legal trouble with the DOJ that's when they 2012 December 2012 HSBC makes their deal with the DOJ to settle their money laundering conviction
right right right
James Comey's division gets a huge bonus
from the Treasury a huge payout
and Frank Guistra the Uranium One
He's a huge a HSB a lot of Clinton
And plus they make HSBC private bank in Geneva where he had the numbered acounts and all that stuff that was they made Qaddafi keep his money there
They made all the despots of northern Africa keep their money there and so they couldn't move it once they got toppled
and again is anybody all people have to do is look up the history of HSBC
BCCI before that Marc Rich they still
But I mean the history of
well oh yeah yeah
Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
Hardy Matheson I mean it was it was an opium recipe and
that's one of
Day one it was from day one this Bank was set up to fund the opium trade it was fed up set up to fund organized crime.
FDR's mother you know he was like hey my mom does opium it wasn't illegal at the time
Yes and and that's why Whitney Webb is the stuff she's talked about with the with the Bronfman connection to
you know what her article did a great job of is talking about how the bootleggers became the drug pushers after World War Two
And even before that one in a few of the major cities like Baltimore and New York with Lucky Luciano and Nancy Pelosi's dad was lucky Lucky
under the Genovese family Lucky Luciano in Baltimore
well do you know what's interesting to a lot we had a guy yeah he's a frequent guest on the show Marx Sloboda
that's Mark Sloboda and he lives in Moscow okay
and he said we're talking about Russia in the 90s
okay but this applies to every era ever of gangsters whether it was the Italian mob or the Jewish mob or any of them he said that in Russia in the 90s you had two things happening you had businessmen becoming criminals because they had to be in Russian the 90's.
I think they just took a whole bunch of criminals and gave the suits to be honest
but but
In Russia I mean look at Derapaska I mean he's a thug.
we discount Deripaska but
You're gonna come around
What he said what what he said was but you also had criminals becoming businessmen and if you think about it here's what happens
Give a diplomatic passport it's all the same thing
So take Michael Stein I forget his last name he's the guy
Give me some clue words
He's one of them mega mega donors he's one of the mega group in the mega group
He's one of the mega group covers okay
His his father was red McGee who ran booze for Meyer Lansky in other
Diamonds He was in diamonds okay forgive me he's the diamond guy
The diamond fence
So here's what happens you're just saying Sopranos right you're you're a criminal so you want your kids to do what
Become criminal system business no
Or come clean and become diplomats and do exactly and do it under color of law huh
that's exactly right and that's exactly what happened with OSS kids
you want to be legit yeah and you wanted to have a college degree you wanted to do better but
And run drugs because you're running a sting operation that's right for 20 years instead of just running drugs and
so it really it really is that's the secret of the whole after WWII
what we just said it's all the OSS and early CIA kids having kids and then putting them in and diplomats and saying hey we're gonna make you a crime fighter
you need to sell drugs and go to really big parties and have and compromise little girls
well and that's why right now if you look at what the State Department did in Ukraine
The State Department now is effectively doing with the CIA he was doing in the 60s but they're doing it officially
I mean the the coup in Ukraine was a right out in the open operation basically
by the State Department and now they know that the media will cover for them
and it has off you
you know where you hit it was when you did your series on Lebed and the whole the whole Nazi collaborators the Nazi support groups
after WWII yeah Reinhart Gehlen went down there signed them all up and made them the exporter of revolution all over Eastern Europe.
Lebed was the guy who led the whole attack and and and and he's the one who put Mogilevich the crime boss into the Odessa Network and Crimea and so
here's what we got now we got an interesting situation
and they diversified in crime and then they rinsed into legitimate businesses on top of it
think think about how psychotic this is you have the these I'm gonna name two things that are seeming contradictions but they're absolutely true
You've got Saudi Arabia the seat of the two holy Muslim cities of Medina and Mecca yep working with Israel for instance
anybody can
Mike Flynn IP3 deals sold them about 30 nuclear reactors
we're not just that helping the al Qaeda backed White Helmets escape.
Look up Israel White Helmets you'll see Israel helped the White Helmets
Because if there's a conflict for al Qaeda well you stood on the border of Lebanon and Syria in 2013 and said
I wasn't in fight at the border
yeah but he said
it was pretty close
I could've been taking a cab there oh
okay but anyway he said this situation in Syria is getting worse they're gonna set up a conflict theory and they're gonna put it in a green zone it's gonna give them a right to steal for DynCorp for ten years you know you didn't say DynCorp but
But that is the green zone strategy create a conflict now we need to bring in the third party like we did in Cyprus in 1974
The guy who is the guy from supposedly meets George Papadapolis a Downer that was the was the UN emissary in 2008
what do you think they were doing do you really think they were doing a green zone down the middle of Cyprus?
No they were charting out the Leviathan oilfield figuring out how much Ratio Oil was gonna get and how much Noble Gas was gonna get that's what George Papadopolos has been working on the last eight years.
So here's an what you have now you have arch Zionists working with right now on the and again people on the right need to be aware of this and this is gonna come out in the book
And this is what is going to I think for anybody who has trusted Breitbart they're gonna be shocked by this.
But there are white supremacists working with art Zionists now I just want you to think about that
It's all about conflict it does matter what it is yeah and people on the right or left and then some fake you know
These people that went to Charlottesville and you went down there and reported on that I remember him watching that live
and I didn't report I didn't I wasn't in Charlottesville but you you reported on it though
I talked about it I thought I was horrified by it but but I you just was watching on TV and like everybody else
but you wrote a couple articles about it because Steve Bannon interviewed you on some kind of radio show.
No no not Charlottesville yeah maybe something else maybe I was the one you did out in the Idaho
Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls he did he and me on
but but the bottom the bottom line is I went to Charlottesville and everybody said everybody got off the bus and they said you're a white supremacist oh okay
you know that's your role today and then the next bus and I'm sorry you're you're
the you're the other guy
but I'm coming actual by the way
it's fake yes so that we can but they're all right
I will say there are actual white nationalists and they're actually
a few but not like they bussed them in they bused them in am I talking about to you
I'm not talining about Charlottesville.
I'm not wrong okay
I'm saying that there are absolutely white nationalists who are working at major right-wing publications
and I'm not saying people who I think are that people who call themselves were literally white nationalists who are holocaust deniers
who who are part of David Duke I mean
no no no no I'll talk about business apart that gets dangerous
a hundred percent white nationalists were part of basically these Germanic white nationalist Pagan groups
a real journalists
Are working in right wing publications
Wow yes
and working with these ultra Zionists it is the weirdest thing in the world
and by the way there's no again zero conjecture here this is from the people themselves okay and it's shocking but but people on the right had been so misdirected and unfortunately Bannon was a big part of that and I think Bannon
yeah no I know
and oh my god what?
Bannon was a big part of
oh my god that's sickening well
That's gotta be a government OP he's got to be doing this to like you know how to infiltration like Weather Underground and figure out the network you know
it's tricky because
I don't he's not he's not a racist no I don't think I don't
I know I don't think he is a racist I said that
I think he's the what do you call it though not the propaganda Minister for Europe for the European Union but like in charge of part of the full spectrum dominance solution
He'd like to be I mean I know I think he's pretty high up
but Steve Steve
remember Puchenic was when he was working for Kissinger?
Steve told people that during the election Steve told people that you know we have to ally with you know we're fighting the same fight
Steve used some of this as a it's it's hard to say because if he's Intel then
You know what Steve Bannon is really worried about the Net
so so the reason why Renaissance Technology supposedly made so much money and they're off the charts
Talking about Mercer's
Mercer's yeah the reason why they made so much money is because they've got this algorithm and this other Russian guy that they got who is the co-founder
they got this algorithm it's a natural language processor and it goes out like you know
Scission or some of these other news listing services clipping services and it's so good at looking at social media it predicts the future and then we can invest then blah blah bullshit.
here's the real story I'm laying it out for you you take three different bids
you live in front of all of them you got Northrop Grumman you got Lockheed you got Ratheon
Yeah right
The one that wins the bid usually after 10 years of DARPA funding and we'll take missile in a box take Club K the hypersonic missile that Rosbronexport has and then they take the other two
In the old days when it was just fax or fax machines they just feed the fax machine at Renaissance Technology over to the Russian retreat
It's about a mile and I think they even string a wire you know so they'd have to go you know NSA can't get to it and then later on now it's just thumb drives.
I see throw thumbdrives over the the I mean it's easy that's what Renaissance Technology is it's Renaissance Technology it's the only
Thing is it didn't spend 400 years in a crypt in Rome it's been about a day and a half at the you know in the bottom of the out basket of the procurement officer for a certain weapons program.
That's the secret of Renaissance Technology that's why they're making all the money
That's who's Steve Bannon works for
You know that Optic Oculus thing that's all DARPA you know help we're developing
Steve was in on that from the beginning
he was
that was the $10,000 handset remember?
with the kid and then they have to come up with some kid just supposedly a smart kid who developed at all in his basement
you know that whole bullshit
well and I went over there I can't member was called Zynga no it wasn't Zynga
I can't member it's over in Maryland or but anyway it's fake
That was so Steve opted that out and and and you know that's for another Renaissance Technology
Somebody'll remember the name begins with a Z I did
I did film there
keep going
I just any when
I'm kind of tired yeah
We've been going for a while I got to go back to Annapolis yeah and you get to go back so let me let me do one final
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so so two-and-a-half years ago I meet Lee for the first time
he says do a time line and I said you know I tried out timetoast
I tried a lot of different products and then finally Scott Adams you know Scott have done well really with Dilbert and everything
but he's real good friends with Peter yeah yeah and and he has this product called Whenhub when it went and
I hate the name his horrible name it should be called when timeline or when who what when or yeah what when or because it's great time lining software
but I went through 4,000 videos of mine I went through a month a month a month
and picked the best video that tells the whole story the first ones Jeff Dyncorp
the Jeff Epstein DynCorp right and then it's just it's your stepping stones
it's your timeline it's your monthly timeline your story it's it's its storytelling right right right
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that's nice about Aon timeline is it people can give me a spreadsheet document and if it's formatted right anybody
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visualize really yes how you like it oh
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your yeah
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I'm yeah no that's why I wanted to talk to you
yeah yeah no
I'm willing to do whatever you need to get this no no you and I get
it we'll say it's because some people especially and whatever's going on with you and Jason I
I have said this a thousand times we need Jason to be successful I told him not to go after my brother because
I'm saying that you don't want to go after him he's a that I don't know
anything about yeah yeah and I'm just saying I'm and I don't want to get
involved or want to know it you know what I mean I know I told him I said
don't do this we need you to be successful going after him is not a good idea saying my brother did 9/11 is not
gonna get you any more donations
I don't
know I can't I don't know yeah yeah I am
I am Jason legacy yeah
I'm Jason's biggest fan I want him to be successful
I want him to focus on content content
I think it's fair to say he's not your biggest fan he's not but I'm trying to
help him I want him to focus on Kanye if he was focusing on like at the FT trial
if he was focusing on he's in New York if he was focusing actually on the things that Jeff Epstein did in the
early days like fighting out when he got his first license he says I don't do
research you got a lot of viewers tell them to do the research buddy buddy but he's duh like I said first off I've known Jason like 20 years
I know and so but but I bet I always say and and like I say you and I had done
stuff and we disagree my bubbeleh but George has been very very helpful to citizen journalism school any ABS we had three we had three scholarships that weget we're gonna get a page for no we are it's nothing to do with you I want you to be wildly successful
I want the biggest problem that we both have is we have so much content we don't have a way of summarizing it crisply and you know we in doing all the projects we want to do we need 20 Glee Stranahan so we need you know ten of me might
I do fifteen hours of radio wait so you know I know
that's that's tough businessman and then
and then but it's a good I love doing a radio show and and and but the problem
is if you jumped into the radio show you'd be totally lost for the first week
I would say yeah we keep it entertaining the show's very funny yeah and I I make
a lot of stupid jokes on the show on
purpose because it's morning radio and
but you get a lot of callers and I just
wished that
We played the drunk John Wayne speech
III here's what I could do is like if you want if you want to do this once a week I'll come up and we'll do it once a week
and on the weekends when you know I've said it before but but I always like I
like to I like I was like talking to George he's been very very helpful and so thanks again great for all to help you give it
I think and hopefully he was the one Lee was the one really great journalist that would meet with me as a
citizen journalist when I first came to Washington DC and I'll never forget that
just like I remember my first radio interview job
Ewell's and I remember the
you know you always remember the first
people that help you out that's why it's simply Jack and I'll leave bothers me so much because I don't want the Cernovitch thing I don't want
to have people have to choose between you or Mike right well
no I'm fine with that
you're fine with that I'm fine with no here's the thing he's provably lied to people yeah
he's probably lied to people and collect this is not like if this is the analogy I've made is
If he were collecting money he said to to help 9/11 victims and he gave it to al Qaeda
that's you know it yeah that's probably some equivalence there I heard you know here's what it is
I can understand it and and so can you you know I think you morning me I can
understand it if someone collects money and they spend the money because they've
got a drug problem or something like I get I'm empathetic with that like they
meant to do this and they're okay I get that this is not that this is him being
deliberately dishonest deliberately letting people think that he is responsible for Jeff Epstein getting arrested when even if you took him at his word that has nothing to do with it
it's deliberate disinfo
but when you when you when you what is it
when you say a family member of yours did 9/11 well you keep going I had to throw that in there
I don't know anything about it I said when somebody accuses you on you to be
having a family member dude I don't know
This is the Federal Bridge the back door my brother left the back door at the Federal Bridge open that caused 9/11
yeah okay right sure yeah you're Jason but I I'm not the water broadcast I know
I know I know episode seven episodes
we don't want any sound a bit enough on the night
David left the back door at the Federal Bridge open
it caused 9/11 anyway let's leave it right there you
look I don't want to get Jason mad at you
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special person that needs to be yeah on
the booklet and really we should have
because nobody should be able to get
dozens of people I only need as dozens I
don't need hundreds I don't need
thousands people people come here like
when you put out your first version a
lot of times people go okay all right
police say he's gonna do this you know
write a book on eight days sure sure and
then you put out some great content but
that's why I'm that's what I'm saying
people you'll get to watch me write this
live you'll get to see on Friday I'm
put about five hours of writing in that
people build a watch I'll send in the
URL they'll build it why and they'll be
able to see for instance that you know
what I don't you know what I just I know
we're late but I would really like to
see all the year ten years or 12 years
of great journalism and all your
technical knowledge if you could write
automated tools that what dudes
storytelling like for a storytelling
tool not obviously in the very factual
base but do your storytelling tools on
top that you could apply to YouTube so
it'd be like story tube or well I'll
tell you I'll tell you one of automated
cuz I haven't shown you this yet the
other thing we're doing like your
Explorer in the museum explore a virtual
environment that was really cool well
and that's coming that's we're very cool
we're very cool
well here's helium two if you saw it we
now have the camera we're doing all this
like like 100 192 pixel 192 pixel plain
GPU graphics out-of-your-mind graphics
and you're in a virtual environment yes
picking up different objects that are
Explorer type on and I got talk to Peter
we're really close to seven breakthrough
but the other thing I've been doing if
you're hurt wine
yeah sure 20 what wine is a way of
marrying two Twitter accounts no no no
it's different yeah I know what it is
but I know no tell me what it's
different this book twine its twine org
twine er II like wiring twine is a is a
open-source software that allows you to
make interactive stories like Metro 5
and use the report I've use in its work
it's awesome and so I did my own CSS and
stuff like that to get it looking better
twine and cool I'm using twine as in
it's usually a fiction tool for doing
choose-your-own-adventure but it's a
great journalistic tool actually to
gamify the process of tourism because in
knowledge exploration and knowledge
discovery you need to do a little bit
more deep dive with a journalist like
you you could just do hey I like prom I
love Trump you know and what
and will house me last them and then we
take you to the part of the library or
the part of the world the virtual world
that you want to explore in that's what
we're doing yeah that's pretty cool best
explain and see who else's and see who
else is on the point
oh there's Alan Dershowitz oh there's
there we go
you know whatever but you're that
retired Qi get ready sure I got to go
down to Annapolis I gotta go okay long
way thanks Lee
suddenly 51 bucks he promises to make a
virtual world by Monday all right so I'm
saying you wish I were just to the book
and stop making the studio well why
don't you I got an idea
since you're doing that

July 22nd, 2019. Live With Lee Stranahan - Flynn Kian Closing Statements

correction on Lukhova's spy book to follow.

Note on 1930-1940's Russian industrial spies in USA

In the late 1920's Stalin prioritised an upgrade to the
aircraft industry of the USSR. Agents were placed in
the USA, beginning at MIT, to transfer intellectual
property to the Soviet design bureau. They later expanded
to include manufacturing and business knowhow, a task
made easier by the USSR's need to purchase cutting edge
military aircraft, and to set up support services in the

The key character is Stan. A Shumovsky. A general at 25, and one of the
seventyfive students disembarking in the summer of 1931, after an intensive
six-month course to bring them up to the standards of literacy etc
required by the Americans. There were few professional Intelligence
Officers. He was one of the final 54 landed in late September. Most were
for courses in Engineering either as undergraduates or post-graduate
students. They travelled under their real names. Returning to Russia
to provide education on an industrial scale was as much of a priority
as shipping tea-chests of publicly available papers.

Stan was an undergraduste student at MIT. (Purdue was another university
of choice.) He graduated in 1934, with a network of contacts and several
published papers. He recruited one or two agents, but mostly talent
spotted, particularly in the Aircaft industries: Douglas, Curtiss-Wright,
Sperry Gyro-Systems and other specialist auxiliary services. Russia's
need for detailed manuals on how each switch or knob functioned on
purchased aircraft helped. There is a direct link between Stan and the
Tupolev Design Bureau.

1935 is a pivotal year, with the balance shifting to covert data extraction*
Stan prepares a grand tour of US Universities and briefs Soviet experts in
their field on their itenerary. Stan is studying for his Master's and is
working with Boeing and Northrup. There are quality problems back in
the USSR, and the network degrades after Stan returns to Moscow in 1938.
"The Russians have agents in practically all American [Aircraft] Factories"
No-one in Washington paid any attention [to reports of Soviet espionage]

1938 Columbia is the College of Choice for 'illegals'. Stan is Deputy head
of the Tuploev Bureau, and head of the Bureau of New Technology. He returns
in December 1941 to rebuild the network and to oversee the shipment via Gore Fields
Great Falls, Alaska, of aircraft and crates of documents. Stan is the
Liaison Officer to the USAAF with access to military and secret airfields.
He purchases $11Bn of material.

1943 Stan leaves for home, leaving behind a flourishing network of agents.

* Some of the work was blatant. The Patent Office was 'raided' for
bombsights, tanks, ship controls, aircraft, armour plating etc. (1942)

Have you seen this article?

Echoes what Lee has been postulating.