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Do you trust the FDA knowing that they get kickbacks from big Pharma?

Trust the FDA with your health?
Waste my vote like a real election.

I use quite a bit of herbs and alternate therapy, if I had not I would both not be walking and not be living. The FDA wanted to ban my various treatments.


Do you believe the FDA has your best interests in mind or is it set up to funnel money to the big pharma companies by making your health worse for a longer period of time instead of focusing on healing.



The FDA is just part of the corrupt system.  I have heard of research about cancer that is shut down as it would stop a lot of chemotherapy and surgery which makes money for the system.  And....don't get me started on the food pyramid and Ancel Keys, looking forward to what Lauren & Lee do to teach us about how corrupt that is.

For now I am focusing on finishing my second week of Keto and doing what I need to do to gain more energy, live longer, and do my part in this fight we have for our country.  Looking forward to the class!

When I did Keto I set a cheat day where I could have a piece of bread or some fruit that would push me over my carbs. Any cheat day should be targeted at getting nutrients harder to get normally such as the vitamin enrichment in our flour or extra vitamins and 'dark colors' in fruits. It should also not be a binge. A cheat day get's me to no higher than 250 net carbs where keto gets me under 50 net carbs (usually 28).

I was more successful with one cheat day a week than without.

That's great you found out how to use keto with your system.  A lot of what I read states there is no one way to do keto it depends on the person.  I went off sugar a little over a year ago and ended up doing modified keto which helped me get 50 lbs off then I got stuck.  Now down 63 pounds and my blood sugar is 80 for the first time in years!  My AIC history over the past 10 years shows 5.6 a couple of times and 5.7 5.8 the rest of the time which shows average of 120.  No wonder my energy went down so much!  Looking forward to Lee's upcoming class and seeing where things go from here!