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Economist magazine endorses extradition

In past times, the Economist magazine has promoted Julian Assange and Wikileaks. That was before Daniel Domscheit-Berg's defection, which is probably related.

Now they are endorsing his extradition for "hacking".

The Economist magazine is assumed to represent the opinions of powerful financial interests. The articles notoriously lack bylines, ostensibly for reasons of writing ego-free, but more likely because the bylines would raise eyebrows.

It's owned by a consortium of very wealthy individuals and companies, including the Agnelli family, and at least one Rothschild. Erik Schmidt of Google/Alphabet fame sat on The Economist Group's board of directors in the past. Significant because as Julian Assange disclosed, "Google is not what it seems". Assange had a meeting with Mr. Schmidt that he wrote about and actually published an account of in a book as I recall.

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