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Forum mangles copy/paste formatting PLUS no image posting for screengrabs

I have made several files as you requested to summarize Fault Lines episodes. They were all mangled upon pasting.  I tried html, txt, to no avail.  space between lines is non existant.  It is not presentable I suggest email submission in future.  Here's an example:


Fault Lines Radio

6-26-2019 Wednesday 7:00 EDT

Hosts: Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan, Eric Ladny, Cameron Evans

Guests:        Niko House broadcast journalist, activist

Ian Shilling geopolitical analyst, researcher

Bob Schlehuber radio producer "By Any Means Necessary"

Igor Lopatonok film dir. "Ukraine On Fire" "Revealing Ukraine"

Callers:        Mark from No Carolina 2:00 (6)

Louise from Virginia 5:34 (6)

Jonathan from Potomac 6:54 (6)

Rod from Philly 11:58 (6)

Lynn 13:58 (6)

Ingrid 15:08 (6)

Title Utube: "Expectation for Tonight’s First Democratic Presidential Debates"

start time clip late 0:10 tot 2:58:57

Title Periscope:

"Headlines: Trump, Yankees..."

"Joe Biden's Controversy and Tulsi Gabbard's Response...
Guest Niko House... @nikoCSFB"

"LIVE from Miami: Previewing Tonight's First Democratic Debate... Guest: Bob Schlehuber... @bobschlehuber of @bamnecessary"

"Headliines + Businesses are ATrying to be Socially Conscious." [s]

"Will Boris Johnson Actually become the Next Prime Minister of the UK?... Guest: Ian shilling ... @ian56789"

"Debate Night #1 - Taking YOUR Calls NOW @ 202-521-1320!"

"Headliines + Taking YOUR Calls NOW @ 202-521-1320"

"Taking YOUR Calls NOW @ 202-521-1320!"

"Director of the Upcoming Film Revealing Ukraine' @lopatonok Joins the Show... Guest: Igor Lopatonok"


Savage Sports (1) 13:10 - 18:10 Eric Ladny (7) 0:00 – 15:44

BB: NY Yankees break MLB record of 2002 Texas Rangers

              28 consecutive games w a Home Run

   DJ La Mahue?sp lead off hitter 2nd base AL leader 333

Soccer: brazilian star Namar might be return to Barcelona

MBA:     free agency starting soon


Economic Update (4) 4:26 - 18:00 Cameron Evans

  • Stock market numbers

  • Wayfair employees threaten walkout over supplying beds to Border control agencies.