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Forum Pros Cons


Followers, CJS students, fans and hosts can discuss politics without censorship from social media.


No instant notification functions

Delayed or limited feedback - current events are out of news cycle before reply

Navigation requires frequent clicking through numerous pages with slow click responses

Software limitations prohibit clean copy/paste therefore data entry is prohibitively time consuming

Software limitations prevent bulk topic/reply entry...for Fault Lines segment title entry...automating clean discussions

Administrative settings prevent posting of doc files as pictures or attachments to promote evidence based conversation and as a way of

automating posting of text

Software limitation inserts blank lines after every 'Enter' (paragraph mark) LibreOffice doc this is configured by Format>paragraph>indents and spacing> (checkbox)"Dont add space between paragraphs of the same style".

Post formatting has no tab or table function...all statements have equal weight

Editing is only possible during initial session.  Prohibits ongoing lists...creates Topic burial