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Greetings from Blue Pilgrim, retired Old Fool on the Hill

I fell asleep and rolled down the hill, and am somewhere in the weeds in Illinois now.

I don't know anything, but I'll tell anyway, especially if asked. A problem is all the people, like in government or the media, who think or insist they do know things when they don't have a clue, or just lie.  I'm ignostic, BTW (no, that's the correct spelling). I'm calling myself an anarchosocialist lately -- not right, not left, and way far out from any middle.

I like Fault Lines because it does not do that often,  and generally admit it when they do, and is usually fact based.  Epistemology is tough.

I'll just sit in the corner and drink coffee for now. Maybe I'll wake up.

welcome pilgrim 😉