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hi from Belgium...

Hi there.. i'm Rob, also found on twitter @snipper_13

big fan of Lee & Garland (faultlines radio)... followed Lee before that.. great journalist! but nothing new for those who come here i guess;.

i'm a vet, first war Yugoslavia, last one Bush juniors failure in Iraq... heavy anti-war now.. after my service i ended up on the street.. for more than a year... got myself back together and started to travel the world, without any money, where ever i ended up i did whatever job i could get, for food and/or a roof above my head for the night or more... i stayed untill i got enough money to move on... been in south-america (yes two times venezuela), africa, japan, and last europe... at this point i have a good job in Belgium.. for how long? who knows... i don't...

i always voted republican, (NOT for McCain, stayed at home) and yes, also for Trump, his campaign seemed anti-war (yeah it was all just for show), and ofcourse anyone would have been better as Hillary (except McCain)... i almost gave up on the American project, the "dream"... and at that point Tulsi announced her run... so for the moment i delayed all plans and will vote for her... it will be a difficult path for her, but with the support of the people, everything is possible! isn't that part of "the dream"? what plans i had? well, moving away somewhere deep in Russia or Africa, far away from people and technology.... far away from all the misery in the world... untill that moment i'll fight with everything i got against the US government, the MIC, the bankers,.. words matter!

think i said enough, wanted to be thorough...




btw, don't shoot me for the errors in my writing.. never went to school, my parents were travellers because of their job & i was their baggage... learned many languages, but none perfect.. learned to write when i joined the military... writing and perfection in languages just isn't my forte... at this point in my life i use some kind of english :-p online, and in rl i try to speak as much dutch & french as i can.. i have to 😉

Nice to see we already follow each other on twitter.


Welcome to the forum.  I track you on Twitter and appreciate the content you link to and the perspective you bring!  Great to have you onboard.  I live in DC and I'm a regular participant at Fault Line MeetUps.   Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you and the group.

thx both...

Welcome Rob I've heard you call in but glad to find you on Twitter!  Thank you for your service & glad you're anti war.  I grew up in the US Army it is definitely a socialist society but love the troops which means I'm anti war on STEROIDS!  Lydia from Indianapolis



the Rob who calls in is not me 😉