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Hi from Lydia Banton

I started following Lee when I first heard him call out someone for cultic thinking on periscope and it was accurate in early 2017 when I was watching what I could to find out what was going on in politics (hated the news since childhood and never watched it).  I had found myself hating Trump and voted against him twice before I stopped and realized I was making decisions without research so I moved from checking out Jehovah's Witnesses (as I had a client but was satisfied with what I learned) to checking out the news.

I also have a friend I met in fall 2016 who is the first ever ordained woman in the Episcopal Church and challenged me to get out of the situation I was in at work stating I could do better.  She was right!

I have changed all my job duties from being a bitch to the mental health system to doing therapy for trauma I have wanted to do since grad school!  Took EMDR which helps the brain process that garbage out, in the process of this got my garbage out!  Thanks to Lee's class I not have a path to follow to get a business going to help cult survivors/others learn more about how to get rid of emotional garbage which leads to following idiots and move on to using critical thinking to do what they really want to do.

However, I have huge energy problems which have stalled my process in getting this done.  Currently focusing on fixing this was going to wait for the keto class to start keto but my body pushed me there early.  I'm sure the class will be just what I need when it happens.

Thanks SO MUCH Lee for starting this site so we can all get to know each other better to get our voices out there!!

Lydia from Indianapolis

Thanks for posting, Lydia. I knew some of the story from the little that we’ve talked in the past but it’s all very interesting and yeah I’m grateful for being part of it.

I'm grateful too.  God is putting many of us together and you are facilitating this in a powerful way!

Hi Lydia. 🙂