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How do the children of political elites, even Felons and Dishonorable discharge, get Guns, LEO ID, etc.

I'm mad so I'm not purely reporting here, this is partly commentary and speculation.

I keep seeing the children of elites of people like Clinton, Biden, Kerry, and loads more get crazy amounts of special treatment, but some of the new bonuses they get for being children of the deep state are down right shocking.

Biden's son had LEO Badge and LEO ID along with multiple drivers licenses, drugs, and rumor has it, a gun. I'm still looking for the source on the firearm (Social media purge killed it while I was reading) but we were able to see that he did have the Badge and ID here:

(Check the police report, rather than reading the Bretibart story)

He was not charged with any crimes so I'm assuming that the IDs and Badges were given to him through proper channels, or he had a "get out of jail free card" form the monopoly board game, even though he had been discharged from the military for drugs and was recently involved in some serious racketeering. This doesn't seem very unbelievable because we know the deep state is having the Sate Department and DOJ hire people like Bret the Speedway Bomber and giving them access to sensitive information and systems.


I'm asking anyone who read the stories on social or elsewhere to please help me find a screenshot, archive, or other source showing that he had a gun some time after his discharge.

I also tried to find out if his discharge was dishonorable. Biden had been selected for his commission in 2012 and discharged in February 2014 for coke use, which he's been now busted a few other times for including in the above article. If his discharge was dishonorable there's no way he could get LEO status or a firearm without either breaking the rules or getting some sort of pardon.