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Jonathan Winer

Jonathan Winer seems to dodge any deep investigation but he pops up in many keys places.

How about Bill Binney? Any thoughts? I don’t know enough about him but I do know he is a whistleblower

I have interviewed Biniey three times so far...

I have never bought into the “thumb drive“ argument and I have asked him about it and never gotten a great answer. I’ll expand on this at some point in the article I think.

Do you have any archived links to your podcasts or show segments? Binney, Winer, Browder, Talbot, Khordokovsky, are some of the ones I want more info on. I know you have segments on them and I want to be able to quickly refer to them. The podcast on the Ukraine connections was extremely helpful, thank you. Also the thumbs up/down doesn’t seem to be working when I try to give a thumbs up to a comment.