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Lauren: Homemade Keto Ice Cream

Found this earlier Homemade Keto Ice Cream

That ice cream tray looks pretty cool. I might need that, you know ... for "research & development" ... 😉

I like Jennifer a lot. I have her cookbook, too.

Yes Jennifer is amazing..I got her cookbook too as it said easy as I can relate to Dr. Boz about not being so much into the fancy cooking!  Love listening to Jennifer and Dr. Boz they are so cute!! But I must confess when Shane talked about working out it reminds me of Thomas Delauer who I also LOVE listening to especially as I have started back on some weights!

I've never tried keto, just recently heard about it. I see recipes all the time on social media and since you guys are trying it, I'll try to post recipes I see places on here.