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Lee: Here’s why requiring ID to vote is discriminatory

The people least likely to have ID are the poor. There are often fees involved to get the ID. There are logistical concerns with a lack of transportation options to get to the place where the ID’s are issued. There are issues with not being able to miss work or class during the hours when ID’s are issued. There are issues with not being able to afford child care to be able to travel. Government entities can multiply this effect by closing offices where ID’s are issued and/or restricting the hours when they’re open. In effect, ID requirements amount to an indirect poll tax. Any effort to require ID to vote that isn’t accompanied by requirements that ID’s be easily available to all is effectively disenfranchisement of the poor.

If voter ID were mandatory, obtaining an ID could be made just as easy as it is to go to the polls.

Yes, it could be. But in practice, it hasn’t been. Several counties in Alabama closed DMV offices and cut back the hours of others specifically to disenfranchise poor rural black voters after the state had passed a voter ID law.

I've been to many states in the past few years on business and maintained an ID in a few. On average my ID has costed $26 which is not much. You can get an ID (Not a drivers license) in some states if you are poor you have to file a affidavit saying it would be a hardship to pay the ID fee. Many counties give disabled people IDs at a reduced rate or free.


Working a high traffic retail that required to ID customers I've never had a person over 18 show up without an ID having been issued to them, except illegal aliens who identified as illegal aliens.


Everything else requires ID. Getting a legitimate job, Banking, Driving, Eating at many places, Flying, etc. Though I don't see much of an availability problem I do think that there should be no fees for a basic ID since we are required to have them for most adult activities. I just don't see it as realistic to expect that people of a specific gender or color or race or religion would not be able to get ID for voting.


I'd rather fix the voter fraud that victimizes millions of people first and deal with the ~thousand people in this country that can't get ID for whatever reason. If they can't get ID what are the chances they are a voter anyways?


I'd propose if someone does not show and ID they should have to put two thumb prints on a voter tracking card or livescan-like system so we can detect duplicates and issue warrants.


I personally know people who have voted more than once. Thankfully one of them is in prison but I was born and raised in California and the voter fraud there is something the left laughs about and celebrates. It's sickening to see the voice of millions drowned out by fraud.