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Lee's Breitbart show interview with Glenn Greenwald

Very interesting (old, late 2016 or early 2017) interview with Glenn Greenwald played on yesterday's show.  Yes, Syria - and the covert operation run by the CIA there and politically backed most strongly by Hillary and McCain - has to be a big part in both the demonization of Russia, and the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.  That was my strong perception as I was learning about what was really going on in Syria back at the time (2016) as well.

Also these same forces were disgruntled with Obama over Syria.  Remember after the Kerry-Lavrov agreement in early September 2016, Def. Sec. Ash Carter said, in effect, "We'll see whether we'll abide by it or not" - then bombed Syrian troops in Deir Ezzor for an hour on September 2017, a day or two before the second phase of the agreement's timeline was to be implemented, thereby scuttling the agreement (and killing 80 Syrian soldiers, and enabling ISIS to take that high position).  Mike Morrell was one of the same people I believe who said we needed to send a message to the Russians by sending some of them home in body bags.  He also put out an ad for Hillary with the "crazy man's finger will be on the button" (and I think even an image of a mushroom cloud) promoting the idea that Tump was the one putting us at risk of annihilation, due to his "unstable" personality - while they advocated policies that put us all at risk of the same.

Recall also the WikiLeaks-released email from Brent Budowski (Dec 2015?) advocating to "slaughter" Trump using "Russia".  Budowski was also a vicious promoter of the Syria propaganda narrative.

If these things are the case, Barr and Durham, if they really are going to get to the bottom of how Russiagate originated, are going to have to get into the dirty war on Syria.  It's hard to imaging that they will go that far into the machinations of the Security State Apparatus (a term I've borrowed from Michael Tracey).