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Lokhova v Halper et al. (Svetlana L. Sues Stefan Halper, Wapo, WSJ, NYT, MSNABC for linking her to RussianHoax)

There's not much to talk about until there's action on this case. If this case is successful the house of cards will be missing a structural support wall and may come crashing down. I suspect this case will be delayed some because of phased declassification. Any lawyer worth their salt would be able to draw it out and delay it with discovery alone.

I wish I could interview her but that is not possible at this time.

Any attempt at interviewing her at this point goes directly to "talk to my lawyer" as she has publicly stated in this pinned tweet, which is smart of her.

Many more people are now saying, finally, that it's the MIC -- deep state -- plutocrats -- etc. who are running the country and who is president doesn't much matter.

Put in smart and very experienced in international affairs and those in other countries, and has handled oligarchs in Russia. Of course he knows about the US deep state, and understands who is president will not make much difference over the long run. His focus is on building Russia internally and solving domestic problems, and expanding trade and relationships diplomatically throughout the world. As he said, He, and Russia, will deal with whoever happens to be president of the US, and it won't be until s/he takes office that it is revealed what s'he will be like. So, no, Putin and colleagues would have very little interest in interfering in US elections: it is the hubris of the US which makes people think the whole world revolves around it, when really they just try to sidestep the evil and nonsense much the same way as animals in the forest try to avoid the hunters and logging crews and deal with their own issues and situations. It is the crazy US which interferes with everyone else.