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New Live Research Periscope : Dan Jones, Penn Quarter...

I have a new live research Pericope, if you like those....

LIVE RESEARCH The Funding Behind the Trump Russia Hoax

This is heading somewhere, and if you watch closely you might spot it...there's sort of a hint...

And the timing of the texts between Waldmann and Jones and Warner is interesting...



Usually I'm more of a "listener" than a "watcher", typically, and in those "live research" ones watching is the entire point.  But your advertisement of a hint at something new is certainly enticing.  Maybe I'll just have to make time.

Can you please repost this on YouTube? I can’t seem to cast the video to my TV via periscope.

Thanks in advance.

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Bruce Orr 2006 speaker at Cambridge Intl Symposium in Crime

Adam Kaufman speaker at Cambridge 2011 same time as  John Moscow.


2008 Moscow only

No sign of Browder 2007-2008  (as he says in deposition) but found John Moscow and Adam Kaufmann


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Adam Kaufmann lawyer for Spitzer in 911 hotel scandal

Not sure u saw this but pre 2000 bkgrnd on John Moscow showing history of attendance at Cambridge Intl Symposium . Moscow precedes Adam Kaufmann