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Occhionero's Italygate leads

I came across Giulio Occhionero's Twitter account in April and have been following his tweets with highest interest ever since.  It presents the Italian side of things as potentially a whole new tapestry of the real Russiagate, in addition to the tapestries related to the Ukraine, Britain, and Obama's national security apparatus.

With so many elements of this new subdivision of Russiagate, so many new names and unfamiliar acronyms, and the difficulty of reading texts in machine translation, I've struggled to understand the details, going back and forth through his tweets and their links.  A couple of insightful articles in English have appeared in the past few days.

Based on what I understand and remember so far, Occhionero and his sister Francesca Maria, who also has US citizenship, were arrested on January 10, 2017 (around the same time as Comey's J. Edgar Hoover moment, I think), and charged with hacking ("abusive access") to computers of a number of prominent Italian government officials, and others, among them former Prime Minister Renzi and the Director of Italy's transportation security agency, ENAV.  The malware that they were alleged to have used came to be known as EyePyramid, the identity of the case in the media reporting.  They were later charged and convicted in Rome, and spent a year in prison.

The Occhioneros have maintained their innocence, and Giulio Occhionero during his incarceration and since has brought evidence to the prosecuting authority in Perugia that they were framed up, and that the cyber-prosecutors were themselves engaged in illegal computer intrusions, as well as fabrication and suppression of evidence.  My understanding is that the Occhioneros still face prosecution in Rome on a related charge obtaining state secrets, yet the Italian judicial system provides that Perugia has jurisdiction over Rome in cases where abuse of judicial process occurs in Rome.  A cyber prosecutor in Rome, two members of the cyber division of the Postal Police, and one other are set to be tried in Perugia beginning on July 17, 2019.

This is not just an appeal of the Occhioneros previous conviction.  And I'm pretty sure it isn't, as was my initial impression, a civil lawsuit.  Rather it appears to be a criminal prosecution, where the prosecuting authority in Perugia have investigated the reported crimes brought to their attention by the Occhioneros, and have in fact decided to prosecute.

Basically, the cyber prosecution authorities in Rome, and the cyber division of the FBI's sister agency in Italy, are accused of hacking into the servers of the Occhioneros' company, including two based in the US, with, according to Occhionero, the intention to "find" Hillary Clinton's emails, and then link those servers to Russia and Donald Trump in a fabricated predicate.  The story about the alleged link between Alpha Bank in Russia and Donald Trump, promoted by some Russiagate enthusiasts, with the supposed connection to a particular server based in the US appears to be related to this case.

Interestingly, one of the Italian statutes under which, according to Occhionero, the case is being prosecuted is an Article making it a crime to engage in "hostile acts" against a foreign country with which Italy is at peace - in this case both the US and Russia.

There may well be some political battles between the current government in Italy and the Italian deep state, similar to what Joe Digenova today described happening between the President and Attorney General on the one side, and the CIA and FBI on the other.  A week and a half ago, Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, asked for the resignations of four deputy directors of three Italian intelligence agencies - adding to two previous vacancies - to predictable cries of "interference" from the mainstream left party.  On the very same day, Conte met with the U.S. Ambassador to Italy.  Occhionero suggests that the recent call between Trump and Conte (April 23?) and the recent visit by Sen. Lindsey Graham to Italy may also be seen in this context.  Interestingly, it appears that the Foreign Ministry, including the Italian Ambassador to the US, remains a stronghold of the Italian establishment with connections to the previous government.

Occhionero has pointed out that the FBI has not guarded the identities of some of its Confidential Human Sources with very much care, giving the examples of Steele, Downer, Halper and Mifsud.  But he suggests that they are closely guarding their principal Confidential Human Source in Italy, was also the principal of the Italian part of Russiagate.  This person's FBI ties go back 30 years, to the famous Pizza Connection trials of the Mafia in the US and Italy.  Gianni De Gennaro, in fact, was one of the few foreigners to receive the FBI's Medal of Meritorious Achievement, in December 2006.






Norman Ball (Full Spectrum Domino) has done a good write-up on this possible botched conspiracy to frame-up Trump by planting Hillary e-mails on Occhionero's US servers around the "nine days in May" between Comey's firing and Mueller's appointment.

OPERATION CHARLEMAGNE: The International Conspiracy to Overthrow the POTUS

Also, Occhionero's Twitter has drawn my attention to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's just announced press conference, scheduled for 6:15 PM Rome time (12:15 PM Eastern).  Occhionero obviously has no inside information about what Conte plans to say, but given some recent developments involving official Italy, one wonders.  See Conte's Facebook for the live stream (and Ruptly?).