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One tight package

Over the last few years, ive watched many hours of stranahan. I love how lee is pushing the truth. It seems that lee’s strong suits include writing, speaking contemporaneously, tech, and most of all sniffing the truth.

My one frustration is that the audience is not exploding. I’ve been thinking about what, if money were no object, could leverage lee’s skills to start reaching more numbers.

My ultimate idea would be, if it’s possible, to give the raw footage of your videos to cjs folks for them to edit them down and make smaller, tighter videos that seamlessly take the viewers through the Browder depo and the other info.  Then, we all retweet that puppy.


johnstonewalker, I concur with you on this.  We need to find a way to get Lee's information out to the masses.  I agree with Lee that this battle for the republic is reaching a critical juncture.  Action is required now or it might be to late.

This is a good idea. A series of smaller easy to consume chunks that tie together. Also, if they could be converted to print. Print is easier for some to extract information from, go back and reread, highlight and take notes from.

I'd even throw some quotes and bullet points on memes.

I love this idea and it is completely in alignment of a number of things that I’m working on.


I love this idea and it is completely in alignment of a number of things that I’m working on.


This message board is sort of the start of that journey, which will also include the wiki that we have goin.


What do you need from  me to help make this happen?

Great idea guys!  How about having this print stuff you mentioned online with a link to this forum somewhere?  This way we could get more engaged here and conversations can grow.