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Overall list of topics

This is an initial list of topics we're focusing on:

  • Russia in the 90s: the Harvard Boys, Browder, Khodorkovsky, Safra
  • Ukraine: Ukraine-DNC, FBI and CIA involvement, the Ukrainian revolution and Crimea
  • The 2016 election: accusations of Russian interference and collusion, DNC corruption, 'Russiagate' and 'Spygate'
  • Saudi Arabia, Israel, ISIS, and the Middle East
  • The History of The Last 100 Years of Intelligence Agencies

We're going to be expanding and refining this list as time goes on. There's a lot of back-and-forth in terms of relationships between key players, but each of these could be is both expansive and important enough to become its own public research project and online narrative. but this covers most of the territory.

Key Players

  1. Bill Clinton
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. George W Bush
  4. John Kerry
  5. Carrol Quigley
  6. Saul Alinsky
  7. Strobe Talbott
  8. David Satter
  9. Brooke Shearer
  10. Cody Shearer
  11. Lloyd Shearer
  12. Brett Kimberlin
  13. Ronald Reagan
  14. George H.W. Bush
  15. Stefan Halper
  16. Boris Yeltsin
  17. Mikhail Khodorkovsky
  18. Edmond Safra
  19. Bill Browder
  20. Vladimir Putin
  21. Jonathan Winer
  22. Alexander Litvinenko
  23. Christoper Steele
  24. James Comey
  25. Robert Mueller
  26. John Ashcroft
  27. Julianna Glover
  28. John Ashcroft
  29. John McCain
  30. David Kramer
  31. Richard Dearlove
  32. Stepan Bandera
  33. Mikola Lebed
  34. George Soros
  35. Dana Rohrabacher
  36. Evan McMullin
  37. Natalia Veselnitskaya
  38. Andrii Telizhenko
  39. Michael Isikoff
  40. Michael Flynn
  41. Barack Obama
  42. Alexandra Chalupa
  43. Andrea Chalupa
  44. Michael Weiss
  45. Dmitri Alperovitch
  46. Sean Henry
  47. Joseph Mifsud
  48. Boris Berezoszky

This list is also going to be updated.

Please post any recommendations.

I heard Lee mention Sarah Carey. Not sure about her role, but I'm reading a little about her.


I really am having a hard time focusing down as I have so much else in my life right now would consider researching on any of this a huge break.  I do want to help out and it doesn't matter where because I love researching people and relationships it's my profession.

Please be sure to check out these videos on CIA whistleblowers from YT channel Alternate Views TV

Video topics include John Stockwell and Philip Agee ex CIA plus Alan Francovich the producer of "Making of Inside the CIA: On Company Business" (Stranahan shows this one on the weekends).  This is a real treasure trove.



Meeting with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) about HSBC... Guest: Nicholas Wilson ... Mr Ethical     Monday July 8 7:40 Segment 3


Topic: Khodorkovsky

Interesting story re CIA spy in 90s.  Focus on Khodorkovsky for investigation on money laundering.  Witness/spy gave testimony to US House of Representatives banking and financial committee..  Judicial watch FISA possibility.  Spy went to work for Vice Pres of Menetep Bank Alexandre Konanykhine,