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Prime short clip topic 'borders and congress'

7-18-19 YT post 2 "Trump Holds Campaign Rally with Supporters in North Carolina"

CIS Arthur possible starts:  01:07:55, 01:08:43,  01:09:21 (01:09:57)

“No, YOU Congress are doing that”01:10:05

Scope Hour 2 Segment 5

"How Serious is the Situation on the US Southern Border... Guest: Andrew Arthur"

“No, YOU Congress are doing that”  climax around 11:50

MSM  "dont care"

01:10:46 YT2 Arthur

:"Congress u did this!" 1:11:08 YT2 Arthur "Congress is the one" 01:11:22 - 01:12:05 YT2 Arthur
Murder rate dropped for last 5 yrs

01:14:00 YT2 Arthur