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Songs That I Want To Share

I thought it'd be nice to have an ongoing thread of music sharing...

Here's a slow groove song that I love from Youssou N'Dour, the singer, percussionist and fromer Minister of Tourism of Senegal and Neneh Cherry.

I do love the groove, but on the second verse where Youssou goes into the non-English part that the track goes intersteller. I have no idea what he's saying but it's just one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard, with mouth clicks and pops acting as little persussive alien hip-hop.  So, dig it…

7 Seconds


I liked it....not something I'd probably come across so thanks for the post.

good song to hear now and then... not really my kind of music.. allthough i listen to a wide range of music styles... from classical to metal, from 60's to the 80's and later, from Pink Floyd to Elvis Presley to Marilyn Manson to Leonard Cohen and many in between those 😉

7-2-19 7-1-19
Squeeze song “Up the Junction”  Tupoc Coachella hologram
Sir Mix A Lot Baby Got Back "Deacon Dark” “Smash it” Sonny Bono (LS)
Freddy Mercury Fat Bottomed Girl Rush (LS)
Yes (LS)
Song by Alphaville “Big in Japan” (LS)
Prog Rock (LS)
"Timmy” “South Park” song
[actually called “Lords of the Underworld”](GN)
Song by Alphaville “Big in Japan” (LS)
7-8-19 7-7-19 Bill Hicks comedian “Fevered Egos” LS
Grimes – Kill v Maim twt