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Tech Issues 7-1-19

Changes last week to YouTube's Live window length have created YouTube files missing the first hour!

Today the first tweeted periscope segment, titled "Headlines: Trump at G20, History in North Korea & More" had a file length 4:53 elapsed time. The second tweeted segment started "show in progress" and elapsed time of 10:11 and was titled "Morning Headlines". I have assumed this was the last ten minutes of segment 1 and should carry the original title. My deductions were based on the number of notification tweets posted and the time-linked order of the notifications in Stranahan's timeline.

When accidents happen in the first hour, you have no backup!

Consider using another LIVE stream service or other solution so you don't miss your first hour. I VALUE YOUR WHOLE SHOW!

Update 7-1-19 12:45p edt.  Twt mentioning @EricLadny and @stranahan was liked by @stranahan and garnered @EricLadny response twt w/in hour.  Ladny made adjustment which resulted in new 3hr YT file length and recovery of missing/truncated hour one.  Not sure how it will affect live window length.  Will update.  Periscope stream segment one 7-1-19 still truncated.