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Tickets booked for Londpn

Just got my tickets to London and the UK this week,

I will be getting in Wednesday morning to cover the European Parliamentary Elections on Thursday.

I will be leaving Sunday morning and back in the US that afternoon.

Here's a list of what I plan to to cover...

  • Follow Brexit campainoing at rallys and on poll days,
  • Interviews: Kit from Sputnik, Ian 56....Farage if I can get him.
  • Shoot B Roll Footage for film projects at Muslim World League, Browder / Hermitage office, Orbis office.

Any other ideas?


Terrific (and very busy) schedule.  I suspect he'll be in very high demand, but I'd be interested to get a take from George Galloway on the elections.   I believe he had plans to run on the Brexit Party ticket and that was scrubbed.

Get up with Pro Brexit Londoner Neil Clark @NeilClark1912. He seems to like your work.

You didn't line up that Icke interview yet? Kidding.

Have a safe trip!

Great ideas, including Icke.