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To critics who say my problem with Fox News, Bongino, Solomon et al is “petty.”

Quote from footballanarchy on May 26, 2019, 3:32 pm

Unfortunately it boils down to the military industrial complex who have always had a close relationship with Fox news.

In the sense that it is pivotal that Putin and Russia remain as bogeymen. The United States needs a threatening enemy armed with the latest in military tech... to keep congress increasing the purse strings of the military and thus enriching the military industrial complex.

Fox news are enemies of the truth. They have propagated and supported the cause of every war. They supported the Iraq war and egged it on eagerly by propagating misinformation. They have supported the Libya and Syria wars, including providing a platform for Islamist extremists and portraying them as legitimate freedom fighters. They have propagated blatant lies about the Syrian government committing "chemical attacks" on its own populations.

In the current climate, it is unfortunate that Trump regularly watches and trusts Fox News and its disingenuous reporting.

As far as Tracey Beanz goes, she is a grifter and merely playing upon the #MAGA community for appreciation and social credit. Just ask Jason Goodman (Crowdsourcethetruth) of his experience with Tracey, it is after all where she was given a platform and rose to prominence.

She literally supports the prosecution of Julian Assange... a real journalist and unlike her who provides commentary based on opinion and biases (in favor of Trump irrespective of the facts).

Lee has always laid out the context and factual reasoning (sourcing) behind his positions. Very few "journalists" (do they exist anymore? Seems they just post opinions) go to the extent he has to display how he reached his conclusions, the methods he used and sources.


I may have been really young when Fox News came about, but I wasn't/am not stupid. I was never able to get on board, it was just a no for me.


Regarding Tracy Beanz: I came across one of her videos a year or so ago and was like ' what is this'? Then I see a video of her unboxing a brand new computer set up she bought with funds from her fans. I quickly lost interest in this crap, nothing was ever remotely proven true, it was silly, and the followers were/are like cult members who won't answer questions and wil gather together to attack anyone who questions. I've blocked many, it's ridiculous.


Infowars having an ass like Jerome Corsi to do all things Q, then getting rid of it. This is the guy who was on the local at the time talk radio station leading up to the 2012 election saying "obama" was such a druggie that he had to be propped up all the time. Infowars has done some questionable stuff, but having anything to do with Corsi could've taken them down imo. Come on.


Julian Assange is under threat because hillary isn't president. She cheated and still lost. People didn't want her, she isn't liked, she's a criminal. She's evil and God stepped in and thankfully put a stop to her quest to rule us all.


Trump was supposed to be independent, why did he not surround himself with good independent people. WHY?

Fox news is the fakest of news because they have figured out how to hook people with a bit of truth and then change their minds by withholding key elements or suggesting 1 + 1 = 3.


Fox is full of mind reading, flawed reporting, and bias.  I've been known to have some of the same flaws form time to time but I'm not a professional reporter and they are doing it intentionally, according to insiders.

Your problem with that bunch never seemed 'personal' to me.  Quite the opposite.  You've gone over and over the verifiable facts of the matter, in the process calling attention to a significant body of information that Bongino, et all have chosen to ignore.  Taking issue with bad reporting isn't the equivalent of attacking the reporter!  You've exposed serious faults in their work product, not in them as human beings. Trying to spin that effort as some sort of personal grudge match is  just another distraction from the truth.

Once again Solomon is doing a limited hang out in the Hill he mentions Cody Shearer but refuses to mention Brett Kimberlin. The trouble is we are on to their game.