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To Quote Hilary Clinton "Can't we just drone him"

I know that Donald Trump thinks that the mainstream media is "the enemy of the people", but during his Presidential campaign he had a picture of Julian Assange in his office. Trump far too often throws people who have helped him under the bus, Roger Stone; Paul Manafort and General Flynn to name but a few. The Qtards insist this is all part of the cunning plan, but I think that Trump, although he would deny it, is actually doing Hilary Clinton's bidding and quite literally helping to kill Julian Assange. Hilary Clinton prefers the permanent solution whereby the person dies. Witness her cackle like a witch about Qaddafi's death. Why is Trump empowering those who hate him yet again???

Why? Because Trump is demented. Many/most/all presidents and high government officials, and the 'elite' are.  It's an advantage to be a psychopath when seeking such positions; sane people generally do not aspire to such absurdity and destructiveness.  Trump, however, is not really an effective psychopath, and neither is Clinton, Bolton, Pompeo, etc. -- if they were they would be fooling more people. Obama is a much more effective psychopath, has more charm, and still has many fooled.  Many of the 'elite' and 'leaders' now are actual or close to being psychotic: lost touch with reality and living in their own fantasies.

(One may notice, from watching the old movies, that while vampires are deranged they do understand reality and avoid sunlight -- these are found in the deep state.)