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Trump acts! Barr now has the ability to declassify what he needs in the Hoax to expose the corrupt!

“Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities....

....during the 2016 Presidential election. The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information....

....Today’s action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions.”


This does not mean that magic will happen over night, because a lot of these people need to be investigated before declassification and there's no way of mind-reading what Barr will do.

This does mean we now have another person with the tools to get us closer to the truth. Let's hope for the best.

The latest of former US Attorney Joe Digenova's Monday-morning interviews with Mornings on the Mall (regularly posted on Monday afternoons on the Conservative Citizen Youtube channel), on the background to the declassification order and the epic battle which, according to him, still lies ahead makes bracing listening.

Digenova claims that the order by President Trump was a specific response to FBI and CIA stonewalling, under Wray and Haspel, of Barr's attempts to find out what happened in 2016, as the President had requested him to do.

He also claims that the two-hundred fifty "unmaskings" of U.S. citizens by Samantha Power, or at least in her name, were actually done by four FBI contractors who had been illegally accessing NSA databases in furtherance of the political purposes of Obama Administration officials since at least 2012.

He refers to the April 2017 FISA court opinion, as he often does.  One can find it here:

The interview with Digenova himself may be found here:

The following is my transcription of major portions of the interview.  I've highlighted some choice passages in bold:

Joe Digenova:  "When Bill Barr became Attorney General, the President said 'See if you can get to the bottom of what happened during the campaign'.  Bill Barr tried to do that, and you will recall from his interview with Fox that he now had more questions than he had when he started.  Chris Wray, the current FBI Director was stonewalling the current Attorney General, Bill Barr on disclosure of certain information about FBI conduct.  It got very, very heated, and Gina Haspel, the CIA Director was also resisting disclosure of certain information.  Barr got fed up, went to the President and said 'Mr. President, I can't answer your question, and here's why'.  And the President said, 'Fine'.  Twenty-four hours later, the order came out.  This is full-scale war between the Attorney General of the United States and, believe it or not, another FBI Director who thinks he's James Comey.  Christopher Wray is a disaster.  He's an unmitigated disaster.

"But just think about this.  Look at two newspaper headlines.  May 24th.  Washington Post.  'Unease as Barr's Power Grows'.  Carry-over headline: 'Current, Former Offiicials Fear Distortion of FBI, CIA's Work'.  Next day.  New York Times. 'Order to Review Secrets Pits CIA Versus Justice Department'.  'Order to Review Secrets Sets Up Power Struggle'.  You are watching the quintessential Washington power battle.
"And here's the problem for the agencies, the FBI and the CIA.  They have one disadvantage.  They can leak, to the Post and the Times.  But they do not have subpoena power, and Bill Barr does.  We are headed toward a gigantic, gigantic fight.    The intelligence community, which includes the FBI, is in full resistance to disclosing what they did during the presidential campaign.
"But here's the other problem they have, and they're very fearful of.  The FISA court has already found that there was political spying going on, starting in 2012.  Not '15.  Not '16.  Two-thousand twelve.  Why was that spying going on in the Obama Administration?  The FBI and the CIA desperately fear that if these disclosures become publicly known in a wide ranging way, their powers may be cut back.  FISA may be restricted, and some additional people may go to prison.  Christopher Wray is now standing in the way of history.  Make no mistake about it.  Christopher Wray has become an Enemy of the People."
"What's going on now is a battle royal.  Not between Bill Barr and Chris Wray per se, although that is happening.  It is a fight between accountable government, between agencies that have resisted for years, and succeeded in not being accountable.  They've met their match: an Attorney General who not only is smart, but who used to work at the CIA, who is a litigator, and who has subpoena power.  If these people resist, if they get to the point where they will not - for example, listen to this.  Think about this if you will, for a minute.  The New York Times in its story, and the Washington Post in its story - you know, going crazy over this power being devolved to Barr - say that one of the things that the CIA is really worried about is that their key informant, who's very close to Vladimir Putin, may be revealed.  Okay, now just ask yourself this question.  If you really thought that this source was so important, would you tell the New York Times and the Washington Post?  Do you think that Putin and his people don't know at this point who that person is since there are already stories written about it in 2018?  This is so stupid.  What the Agency and the FBI are doing, they are literally at war with the President of the United States and his Attorney General.  This is unbelievable.
"You know, I tell people.  Read your papers carefully.  And you've got to follow this.  This is as big as it gets in a democracy."
Mary Walter: "Joe, on whom are they spying in 2012. I want to go back to the FISA warrants, you said the FISA warrants go back to 2012."
Digenova: "No, no.  These are not FISA warrants.  That's the scandal.  These are not FISA warrants.  What these are, these are illegal access to NSA databases about American citizens.  They are called Section 702 queries.  702 is a section of the National Security Act, which allows searches, under FISA, for certain information about Americans, but it must be minimized, and must be kept very, very secret.  In fact, those inquiries made by four FBI contractors, were illegal.  Those queries were made about Americans.  Those queries were used to unmask Americans.  Those queries were then used to use the unmasked information to leak information to the press about Americans.  This is what they really fear.
"Here's the deal.  We don't know if there were other FISAs.  We do know there was extensive, illegal spying, by going into these databases at NSA.  What probably they're referring to is that these other people, other than Carter Page, were spied on by using NSA databases without authority, using contractors.  By the way, Adam Schiff knows all of this.  That's why he's fighting so desperately to have everybody stopped.  The great scandal is not what happened in 2016, although that is a great scandal.  It's what happened starting in 2012, when they were illegally accessing NSA data.  By they way, anybody who wants to know about this can read the FISA court opinion of April 26, 2017, in which this is all discussed.  This is not something that's a surprise to anybody.  That's what the FISA court was furious about.  That's why they reprimanded.  And that's why Ash Carter and James Clapper tried to fire Mike Rogers, the head of NSA, who discovered all of this, and revealed it to the FISA court.
"This is what Schiff and the Democrats are fighting against.  They fear desperately that what will happen is that all of this illegal spying from 2012, which nobody has reported on, except Marketplace and Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse.  They will find out, and it will become a much bigger story.  Now of course, the press will be totally disinterested  in this, and that's why what Barr is doing is so important.  Because the legal conclusions that he reaches will be history."
Vince Coglianse: "Joe, you said those 2012 FISA abuses were the sources of leaks to the press."
Digenova: "These were not FISA abuses.  These are NSA database abuses."
V.C.: "Okay.  I'm sorry, but you mentioned FISA powers when you were explaining it."
J.D.: "Yes, you're right.  It's under that statute that you are allowed to make these inquiries if you have a proper footing."
V.C.:  "....Who were they targetting, the 2012 abuses?"
J.D.:  "Politicians.  Opponents of the Obama Administration.  How do you think Samantha Power got two-hundred and fifty names?  How do you think she was able to seek the unmasking of that many people.  She says it wasn't she that did it.  She said it was somebody that did it in her name.
"Now who do you think made two-hundred and fifty queries of NSA databases in her name?  It was the four contractors who were working for the FBI (read James Comey) who were unauthorizedly accessing NSA databases.  That's the scandal.  That's what this is about.  That's where Samantha Power's two-hundred and fifty names came from: the people who were the contractors working for the FBI.
V.C.: "There's a big lack of curiosity about contractors using government officials' names to access information like that."
J.D.: "Isn't there."
V.C.: "So now that Barr has this power that the President has extended to him, to declassify all of this information, what's at the top of your wish list for him to go after first?
J.D.: "Well, he needs to put John Carlin in the Grand Jury right after Mike Rogers, the former head of NSA.  Mike Rogers is the American hero in this entire story.  It is he that revealed the illegal spying that started in 2012.  It is he that went to the FISA court, and it is he that John Carlin, Ash Carter and James Clapper tried to get fired for going to the court.  I would put Mike Rogers before the Grand Jury first, as a friendly witness, and then the next witness would be John Carlin, the former head of the National Security Division of the Justice Department.  Nobody knows who he is.  Nobody's ever heard the name, but he is the person who tried to get Mike Rogers fired for being honest with the court.  John Carlin is also the person who filed, just before he resigned from the Justice Department, a false certification to the FISA court that they were obeying the rules, when in fact, they weren't.  And when Judge Collyer issued her opinion, she accused John Carlin of what she called 'an institutional lack of candor'.  In other words, he lied to her."