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Trump's aministration does a 180, promotes making the Opioid Abuse Epidemic worse. (Kratom ban, and more)

I know the title sounds like crazy click bait but its not. Trump's FDA is out of control.

As you can see Trump's deal with Xi fell through, I found that out from Scott Adam's twitter feed

Was  this ever a serious issue? I don't see any serious follow up from the administration! The only thing I can find is the FDA banning things that help people off of Benzos and Opiates.

And shortly after the FDA started going after people who were using Lavender and Turmeric extracts to reduce stress and inflammation. They pulled several of my friends products off  the shelf because of claims that the lavender extract scent helps people relax (it does, but the FDA doesn't want us to be able to claim it). The GOP rep I spoke with said Skullcap, used for nerve pain and nervous system health, is likely to be the next target.

Many people have been using Kratom, a non-addictive herb, to detox off opiates and control pain without getting impaired (it kept me from going on Oxycodone from my messed up surgeries). We thought we had won our long fight and beat the FDA on Kratom (FDA are suspected of being paid off to ban many herbs that keep people off drugs by big pharma) but out of nowhere the FDA issues a import ban on Kratom using the same disproved medical claims that could not convince the DEA to schedule it as a drug. They also flew to Indonesia, the country that produces 95% of the Kratom for the world, and used the same disproved claims, which are outright lies and not misunderstandings, to convince the new Indonesian government to stop exporting Kratom and even ban Kratom plantations. The Indonesian government issued warnings to exporters that they should not export Kratom and told the plantations they have 5 years to get into compliance.  This effectively bans Kratom for the whole world, not just the US, as Indonesia is uniquely suited for the growth of that plant and the USA threatens companies that are willing to ship it from other locations.


I am biased on this subject. I know several people I'm in regular content with that will be going back to Heroin and Fentanyl when Kratom is taken off the market. Some may kill themselves from the chronic pain. Many others will start drinking alcohol and using marijuana. I am more likely to just live with the pain because I hate being high. I can't stand not being in control of myself. My doctor has said that the Kratom ban absolutely will increase my pain level and that will cause my blood pressure to rise and give me heart problems which will lead to an early death and annoying health issues.


Why you should care: The FDA has stated multiple times that it will not stop at Kratom. They are going after Hirsuta, Javanica, Several Teas, Taurine (energy drinks), Sacred Lotus, Blue Lotus, Extracted Lavender, Extracted Turmeric, CBD Extracts, All Vape Products, including CBD and Nicotine, starting with flavors and ending with any 'extracted forms' of plant matter for inhalation. Their plans are public but nobody is taking action until it's too late. Many people  think "Oh I'll just buy it not as a supplement but as a component of something else" but the FDA also banned several things for cosmetics, scents, and other uses, by claiming they had no other use other  than as a health supplement.

Banning cheap, effective, safe pain control from a harmless plant is going to kill tens of thousands and harm millions. The FDA is in competition with Mao and Hitler for hurting their own people.

Science of Kratom: (Kratom is not an opiate, its an opiate agonist like Cheese and several teas)

Missing Citation: Waiting for the Indonesian letters to manufacturers and exporters to be translated.

Email to AKA subscribers:

San Francisco bans Vape products until the FDA approves them (At FDA's request):

If you have other examples please post them below, I only grabbed a handful because of time constraints.

The FDA Commissioner that set up the Kratom policy during his time at the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, who left in April is a CNBC contributor that works with Perdue and Pfizer. Immediately after the FDA banned imports of kratom and convinced Indonesia to ban it as well he was given huge rewards for his work including a Board of Directors position at Pfizer.

Pfizer makes Opiates and Benzos such as Xanax (

Kratom was used to get many people off of Xanax and other Benzo and Opiate drugs to the point that it was costing them tens of millions of dollars per quarter or more.


If there is no corruption here I will eat my hat. Millions of Americans have to suffer because a company purchased our government.

This is interesting stuff. Have you written about this anywhere else? Seems like an interesting subject as a part of the wider opiate epidemic.

I've posted regularly on social media but my posts were censored by big tech.

I've met with state and national GOP workers and have been on TV, Radio, and public demonstrations. I've been involved with state police in 3 states (Kentucky said I affected the opiate call/arrest rate in the southern region with my activism and education) and met with law makers in Tennessee and had them try it when we were creating the consumer protection laws and protecting it's legality.

I have congressional and state law makers as clients who are scared to bring up the topic because of who is involved.


Whenever I go on Mic or Camera they usually are wowed and say that they want me on again but then after it gets past editing they often tell me it's too dangerous to air. If it does air it's cut down considerably and they cancel my follow up.


By the way of anyone wants to copy any of my story/text Stranahan forum owners/moderators have unlimited license to my original content. They may copy of use my content without attribution. They may change it without attribution. I abandon any implied copyright rights to you. Treat this kind of like a the most permissive open source license.

New Pontianak News translation in the image below:

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The Indonesian government, according to Indonesian friends and partners, have claimed just minutes ago that there may have been pay offs by big Palm Oil and Pharma companies to the Ministry of Health. I'm frantically searching for quotes but it's hard having to translate literally every article. If there are any Indonesian speakers out there I would appreciate it because my friends don't speak English as well as needed for legal/research purposes.


None of my letters to the Whitehouse have received a response (over a dozen letters since 2016, countless calls to congress/wh, etc). I can only imagine that means they don't want to be involved in this issue.