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Twitter finally bans Krassenstein Brothers (Scammers, Media Fraudsters) who haze Trump's feed.

An 'off the record' employee at Twitter stated Thursday the big tech company gave a life time ban to the Krassenstein Brothers, long known to operate thousands of bots used to boost their media ventures. They stated they were operating Multiple Accounts and were reported for other abusive behavior.

Many things were said by the employee that painted the Krassenstein brothers as criminals running a 'black hat media company'. There are several complaints online that can be searched but it doesn't seem like any of them ended with legal action against the brothers. Without citation to a court ruling I must assume no guilt, but it's important to note that the tech giant's left leaning employees believe it to be true, which may have played into their ban.

The prominent anti-Trump brothers, Brian and Ed Krassenstein, were in to top few comments of most every Trump Tweet for months and were suspected of profiting off the venture.


Ed Krassenstein had  around 924,000 followers and Brian Krassenstein upwards of 698,000.


The Krassenstein's did admit to using multiple accounts but stated they were for 'other purposes' and not for promoting their Trump-hating celebrity accounts. One claim is that they used at least one of the other accounts to avoid or monitor 'death threats'.


The community has reacted in a wide range of ways, many of which were inappropriate and unhinged, but we can only hope the community eventually brings up useful conversation in to how big tech manages it's systems and what we can do to promote better, fair, and more resilient social media platforms.


Full Disclosure: The brothers did attack myself and a group I was working with without instigation so I am absolutely a biased party. Do your own research.

There's a TDB article showing they had previous encounters with Law Enforcement (Webcached for paywall):

The brothers wrote a op ed with their side:


Twitter's official channels have stated that  they will not speak about the specifics of each offense or enumerate them for us, but  they do  verify the bans are lifetime bans for multiple offenses.

I just want to express shock that the Daily Beast has a paywall. To get me to click on it, they would need to have a reverse paywall that would pay me.