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Ukraine opens high treason case against Poroshenko over Kerch Strait incident


This story SHOULD have huge implications, starting with — the Trump administration issues sanctions against Russia over an incident that now even Ukraine admits was a deliberate provocation.

This is EXACTLY why people don’t wan the government trying to “nation build” through regime change wars or coups.

It’s up to us to make sure the word spreads on this.



they are gonna do all they can to hush it up... so that is gonna be a big push to get it out there.. a very big push:

sadly most people are more interested in "muh russia" & "illegal aliens" fi.

others just don't care... too busy with their lives and struggles...

therefor the "should" 😉

like Douma this again is a "failure" & "humiliation" for the US... nothing new sadly.. do they care? doubt it... will it stop them? doubt it... will the sanctions be lifted? don't even dream about that...

so we have to work hard to get it out, to keep the people informed ... in the hope that we wake more and more people up... i agree