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Was Douma's Chemical Weapon Incident reported correctly? OPCW documents say no.

According to Fox News' Tucker Carlson, OPCW documents reveal Douma was a ground attack, not an air attack by Assad. Were we played? Did we hit Assad without cause? The whole justification was based on a Assad plane being in the area.

I don't think anyone is surprised by this report, it's been suspected over the past year openly in many circles including the military and intelligence community who stated that we would not have been able to know without Americans on the ground.


With many believing the UN is not a fan of the whole truth, and is just another cog in a machine built to use the United States as a war dog to funnel money and power to their selected contractors and parties, this information can't help our citizens' trust in this nation.

Weather this is true or not, our involvement was not needed. This report still makes us look bad. Attacks like the retaliation for Douma make us look like unhinged madmen shooting from the hip to the rest of the world.

"Did we hit Assad without cause?"

Absolutely, even if Assad did use chemical weapons, because it is not up to the US, on its own, to enforce laws or policies about chemical weapons in a sovereign country -- or even to appoint the president of other countries. This a matter for legitimate and legally constituted international bodies to investigate and deal with.

It turns out it was all false flags, which many of us knew, and missiles were fired before there even was any investigation, much less a valid one, but the US had no legitimate authority to even be there in the first place.

Thank you for adding this important topic to the forum.  There is no possibility that the Douma incident was reported correctly.  It's just absurd that the Syrian government would do such a thing, when they had been warning about a false flag incessantly in the period leading up to it both publicly and in letters to the OPCW from the Syrian representative to the OPCW itself, which reportedly numbered around 100 since January 2018 alone, and when representatives of western governments (namely Macron and Haley) had been publicly requesting that such a false flag be conducted by their funded information proxies in Douma (the White Helmets).  One may say I'm misrepresenting their words, but how else does one rationally interpret their statements that "If Assad uses chemical weapons, we will respond with military force" on the side of Assad's enemies?

Plus there were other clear indications before Douma that a major assault on Syria was being planned (as it turns out, James Mattis appears to have overridden the crazies).

One quibble with your phrasing.  The engineer report reportedly concluded that the two canisters in question had been manually placed in the upper floors of the building in question, not that the event was a "ground attack."  That is, the canisters were not related to the holes in the roof.  Another engineering assessment that I earlier heard about apparently concluded that if one canister had been dropped from height x from a helicopter, and virtually all of its kinetic energy went into causing the hole, it could have caused the hole in the reinforced concrete ceiling, leaving the canister with just enough energy left over to  bounce off the floor and lightly land on the bed where it was "found".  The new, suppressed, engineering report is reported to have said that, among other things, such a canister could not have cause the rebar around the hole to be bent greater than 90 degrees - that is, even if we assume all its kinetic energy went into making the hole.

I was following events in Syria closely at the time.  Just off the cuff, but I copy below a slightly edited version of a comment I made on the Slavic American YT channel, under his video "OPCW Engineers confirm Assad DID NOT do the Douma chemical attack" May 22, 2019.  It's entirely what I could write quickly from memory.  Perhaps later I may have a chance to document some of its elements.

It was already clear a month or more before the Douma false flag that a new attack on Syria by the UK, France and the US was planned. The Russians and the Syrians (including their UN Ambassador) repeatedly warned that another false flag chemical attack was being planned. The Syrian representative to the OPCW was reported to have sent over 100 letters to the OPCW warning this between January and April of 2018. Meanwhile FUKUS spokespeople like Macron and Haley were saying exactly the same thing, saying "If Assad uses chemical weapons, we will respond with force," which to anyone who is not a moron or a liar is nothing short but a public request to the White Helmets on their payroll of these western governments to stage something that can pass for a chemical attack, and then, as a reward, their enemy, Assad, will be struck militarily. France issued public warnings for citizens not to travel to Syria. During US-Israeli military excercises in (Feb or March?) a statement was quoted in the press that the situation in Syria was urgent. A deputy director in Homeland Security tweeted and blogged that "Assad's time is up". This was all BEFORE the Douma false flag.

Meanwhile the Syrian Arab Army's military operation to retake the East Ghouta region proceeded. The Russians installed permanent video cameras at two crossing points, which could be seen online 24 hours a day. A few hundred people came out of Douma during one of the early days, in March, probably after paying considerable sums to Jaish al Islam, the Army of Islam. One man I saw interviewed at this time complained of the brutal rule of the "Jaish al Salafi", presumably because he did not want to dignify it as Islamic and because of its ideological affinity and financing from Saudi Arabia. But then no one else came out across that crossing point for another month. An in fact there was a virtual ceasefire between the militants in Douma and the Syrian army (while military operations proceeded in the rest of the region).  

Finally it was Douma's turn. In the days leading up to the "chemical attack", 100 + of the Alawite hostages from the village of Adra (of the 3000 civilian and military prisoners Jaish al Islam was claiming during the negotiations to hold) were released by Jaish al Islam (to tears of joy from them and their reuniting relatives), while teenage boys among them told stories of being used as slaves to dig Douma's vast tunnel network (although obviously heavy machinery was also used). Some may remember the Douma prisoners being paraded around the streets in cages in 2015.) The hostage release was part of negotiations to transfer the militants and their families and supporters to another militant or Turkish-held region of Syria. They didn't want to go to Idlib because of conflicts with HTS (formerly al-Nusra, i.e. al-Qaeda). The Turks at first rejected receiving them at Jarablus. Then it seemed they might go to Eastern Qalamoun (another region north of Damascus held by the same Saudi-backed group).

Then the Douma "chemical attack" happened, and a day or two later, Jaish al Islam and their families began to be evacuated on goverment buses to Jarablus; almost immediately after that, agreement was reached for a similar evacuation of Jaish al Islam from the Eastern Qalamoun pocket.   There were small celebrations from civilians who remained in Douma when the Russian military police entered. But these were smaller than similar scenes in various other places where the Syrian flag has returned, and definitely smaller than the anti-government demonstrations in Douma ~2012. Probably because of local sentiment skeptical of the government, the evacuation and power transfer agreement provided that only Russian and Syrian military police would enter Douma, not the regular army, and the military draft would not be renewed for six months.

Anyway, this is how I remember it, as someone who was following things rather closely at the time.


Remember that the eyewitnesses said there was dust inhalation from bombs but no chemical weapons attack, reported by journalist on the ground and at the Russian sponsored hearing at Hague

It was fairly clear from the start that this was a false flag by White Helmets and OPCW has been largely taken over by the empire, as has the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe as seen by its ignoring heavy weapons and attack on Donbass by Ukrainian forces. As has the UNSC, for that matter.

Quote from NorumbegaSAA on May 26, 2019, 10:57 am

...concluded that if one canister had been dropped from height x from a helicopter...

The argument was Assad used a much faster plane, no Syrian helicopters were tracked in the area. Who had helicopters in the area? If I recall correctly Turkey did but I'll have to go do a deep dive and dig up the old articles. Wasn't Turkey and Israel implicated in White Helmet activity?

I better go now and double check this info. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even think of it until you forced me to read it again.

I was recalling what I read in secondary sources and in the recent interview that Ted Postol did with Scott Horton, but discussion of a fast plane doesn't ring a bell.  If "fast plane" was really a deduction from "absence of helicopters", then there is a ready alternative explanation now available from the leaked engineering report: "manual placement".  Plus they were canisters not explosive munitions, as indicated by the fact that the canisters were dented but not exploded.

There may have been Syrian military planes in operations on Douma, early in the offensive on the East Ghouta pocket, and also near the end (around the time of the purported chemical attack) when the government was demanding that the militants accept evacuation or reconciliation and deadlines passed.  But relatively brief intervals.  And they surely involved conventional munitions.  During almost the entire offensive on East Ghouta, ceasefire held with the Douma militants, and even toward the end, most of the news was about negotiations.

I don't think that Turkey could have had aircraft in the area (southwest Syria).  There have been operations centers in Turkey and Jordan from which most of the logistical support for the White Helmets was conducted.  Israel was no doubt involved, too, and reportedly with the White Helmets' evacuation from Dera'a (southernmost Syria).

@BluePilgrim You're points are to the point, and specifically you are right that the OPCW has been leaned on rather heavily by the NATO powers invested in the Assad-did-it line.  At one point I had a reference to a parallel organization that seems to meet alongside every OPCW meeting, consisting ONLY of representatives of powers that have that agenda.  It has some title like "Organization against impunity for Use of Chemical Weapons".  I don't think it's been much reported on.

"I think this was a political job.  The people above them [i.e. above the engineers who did the analysis in the suppressed engineering report], the people who have the oversight and reporting authority for the OPCW are the ones who are culpable here.  And they are culpable.  I want to be very clear.  This is not error.  This is fraud."  - Ted Postol,  professor emeritus of Science, Technology, and International Security at MIT

Scott Horton has just published a new interview with Ted Postol on the leaked engineering report on the Douma attack, from which I've taken the above quotation.  Previously, Postol had assumed that the attack had happened, and adduced some plausible reasoning on how chlorine could have killed people in a case where it lands on top of a building, and in the first portion of this new interview reprises that reasoning.

5/26/19 Ted Postol on the Proof that the Douma Attack was Staged

This is a valuable interview, perhaps more so because of what I would consider Postol's naivete.  But I do consider it extremely naive not to realize that what the statements by the likes of Emmanuel Macron and Nikki Haley, "warning" Assad against chemical attacks, are in effect demands that precisely such a staging be produced.

The fraud charge should of course be extended to the mainstream media, which has a consistent record of suppressing critical facts, as it acts as critical infrastructure for the dirty regime change operation as a whole.

In my post before last on this thread I mentioned an organization that I had run across before that seems designed as a "shadow OPCW" that would operate alongside the OPCW, and consist exclusively of participating countries that follow the NATO propaganda narrative, and thus act as a vehicle to pressure the OPCW itself; and also to promote Magnitsky-type international sanctions.

I have located the organization again.  It is called the International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons.  It is described as having been founded in early 2018 at French initiative.  (During the timeframe that President Macron was, in effect, openly inviting Syrian "rebels" to carry out a real or simulated attack that could be blamed on Assad.)

It describes itself as "an association of around 40 countries and international organizations".  There's a link on their website to the list of countries.  But I do not find any links to international organizations.  I suspect that if these were known they would line up closely such "human rights" organizations as Lee has been covering in connection with the Real Russiagate.

Following are a link to the organization's website, and to a press release on then-Secretary of State Tillerson's attendance at its founding conference in Paris.