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7-3-19 Wed Mentions

Here's my list of things mentioned in Wednesday's Fault Lines show... I added links, so you don't have to!

ACLU Eddie Murphy on Carson Show
Carson Show (The Tonight Show) Eddie Murphy buckwheat SNL

Saturday Night Live playlist

Buckwheat from “‘Lil Rascals
Richard Pryor George Carlin
Bill Browder Lee Iacocca
Mustang Iacocca gave us the Minivan
"bird" British slang “So it shall be written so it shall be done”
21st Century Wire Jamarl Thomas
Song by Alphaville “Big in Japan” show live (1pGMT) 8aET time “Insights” w Patrick Henningson Julian Assange
New York Times article “Why deBlasio having a black son is a campaign theme

Iron Maiden lyrics–Seventh Son of a Seventh Son… LS

Chelsea Manning

Song by Alphaville “Big in Japan”

Sweden announced no EU investigation order – never been charged
Hearing end of July process hearing Nina CrossFrom 9/11 to Shoplifting
European Arrest Warrant crosses borders Bail Skipping
National Security State FVEY
Narcissistic [Personality Disorder] Judge Snow District Court UK
John Kariakou Lee Childs
Robert Mueller Juan Guaido
2019 Guaido assassination attempt? Gina Haspel
Bay of Pigs

John Bolton

Corruption allegation Guaido men Richard Branson’s Venezuela Aid Live

Embezzlement of Branson Venezuela Aid Live

Guaido men Pilfered 17mil from Citco? Failed foreign policy w Trump?
JCPOA 'blunt' etymology
Nihilism jihadi
“our dollar into the sword of the empire” LS “Flea”The Big Lebowski” movie

“Nihilist #1, Uli Kunkel”

"Deacon Dark” “Smash it” Sonny Bono on “The Love Boat”. A ‘Kiss’ like character on the Love Boat "Timmy” “South Park” song [actually called “Lords of the Underworld”]
"Gopher” from “The Love Boat” (yeoman purser) Fred Grandy became a congressman Sony Bono became a Congressman
The Love Boat” number on side “322” ? Star TrekEnterprise ship registration nmbr was NOT 1711” [was1701] and was NOT derived from Rodenberry’s ship number [neighbr house #]
Uhura Mulatto
Battlestar Gallactica based on LDS story First interracial kiss on television
Cylons from Battlestar Galactica Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenegger Hunter Killer
Johnny Quest Trader Joe’s owns Aldi
Trader Joe’s grocery store Yeti
UFO trend climbing in the news “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy
Mike Pence airplane back to airport Mike Pence cancels New Hampshire event
Chuck Todd of Meet The Press Independent media vs MSM media pov and availability
Central portal for independent media “A single portal for independent news” LS
Koch Bros Soros anti-war think tank
Open Society Project Veritas video shows deranking
Andrew Yang’s economic philosophy “Marx was an excellent futurist” Stranahan
Lack of work causes psychological issues Entitlement
Aspen Institute Kurt Schmok? Mayor in 80s
Social engineering Universal Basic Income
Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit
Milton Friedman “you can have social freedoms or you can have borders” Green New Deal numbers 93 trillion

“’Medicare for All’ is NOT far left “
Garland Nixon possible Hill article 10-22-18 01:50:52

you can keep your doctor
American Barometer poll Hill.TV Single Payer also know as Medicare for All

Survey by and Harris X Polling Co GN

GN poll possible Pew 2017 source
quoted Hill article no date! AOC stage protest border video
Fourth of July military parade Camden Yards
Hash House A Go Go Las Vegas, NV (EL) Spearmint Rhino
Football team in Las Vegas David Weigal of Washington Post book
King Crimson Prog Rock
Yes Rush
Implicit association psychology (GN) Danny Sjursen Article about Tulsi Gabbard
Marian Williamson Tim Ryan
Henry Martin "Scoop Jackson" (GN) Adrian Arsht Center named after Atlantic Cncl donor