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What Craig Murray has NOT said about the leaks - but many THINK that he has

Ground zero for a widespread unfounded belief about what Craig Murray has claimed is the Daily Mail story that appeared on December 14, 2016 under the byline of Alana Goodman.
And given the number of times the claim about what Murray allegedly claimed is repeated in the article, and its sensational content, it is no surprise that many people believe it, and if they remember nothing else about Murray's account of the 2016 leaks to WikiLeaks, they will remember this.
Listing the relevant portions of the article, one is reminded of the sophist fallacy of repetition, or of the marketing "rule of 7".  In fact, not counting the headline and including image captions, the central claim about what Murray allegedly said is repeated exactly seven times.  So here goes, with my own emphasis added in bold italics:
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British Ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did not provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgruntled' Democratic whistleblowers
...told the he flew to Washington, D.C. for emails
He claims he had a clandestine hand-off in a wooded area near American University with one of the email sources
A WikiLeaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails after they were leaked by 'disgusted' whistleblowers - and not hacked by Russia.
Craig Murray ... told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.
...told the that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September [image caption]
Murray said he retrieved the package from a source during a clandestine meeting in a wooded area near American University, in northwest D.C. He said the individual he met with was not the original person who obtained the information, but an intermediary.
Murray claims he met with the person who passed the emails over in a Washington, D.C. park near American University [image caption]
Of course these quotations omit other portions of the article which give direct quotations from Murray himself.  The problem is, none of those direct quotations support the central and sensational allegation that Murray himself acted as a courier for one of the leaks.
As I pointed out in a comment under Murray's blogpost, "The Real Muellergate Scandal" (May 9):
The Daily Mail certainly SAID that Murray had claimed to have acted as a courier for one of the relevant leaks to WikiLeaks, BUT PROVIDES NO DIRECT QUOTATION FROM MURRAY SUBSTANTIATING THIS PART OF THE STORY.
In so far as we can verify what Murray has claimed (in that we can listen for ourselves to his actual words, or read what he has actually written on his blog, or accept provisionally what he is reported to have said where direct quotations are given in the relevant Daily Mail and Guardian articles), Murray nowhere claims this.  In fact he has clearly indicated the contrary:
(1) The (Podesta) materials were already safely with WikiLeaks at the time of his secret meeting near American University (September 25, 2016).  (See Murray's interview with Scott Horton December 13, 2016.)
(2) He has described the meeting as "administrative" only.  ("Even whistleblowers have administration and bureaucracy."
(3) He has denied that there was any thumb drive involved: "There wasn't a thumb drive."
(4) In exactly this connection he has said "you should never, ever believe anything you read in the Daily Mail."  (On (2)-(4), see Murray's interview on the Jason Goodman YT channel, June 19, 2017.)
Elaborating a bit on the foregoing points:
(1) Horton: "Can you tell us how it is that you know who the source is?  Is it just that Assange told you, or you have more direct information yourself?
Murray: "No, I have rather more direct information than that, which relates to a visit I paid to Washington in September of this year, when - I should be plain that the Podesta emails and the DNC emails, of course, are two separate things and you shouldn't conclude that both have the same source ....
Horton: "And then - a trip to Washington - are you saying that you were the recipient of at least one of these leaks?"
Murray: "No.  The material was already I think safely with WikiLeaks before I got there in September.  I had a small role to play, which I hope you'll understand if I don't expand on it too much."  (Scott Horton interview @4:35 ff)
(2) and (3) Trish: "We were wondering if you would be able to talk to us about the thumb drive, or any of the details that you've shared before, and maybe you could just review (what we?) [audio not clearly intelligible] have now, and if Seth [Rich] may have been that person who handed it to you."
Murray: "I don't really want to say much more.  I've been carefully avoiding saying much more for many months.  I would say, there wasn't a thumb drive.  Well, there may be a thumb drive, but I didn't have it.  What I was doing was administrative, let me put it that way, as opposed to picking up emails.  I was doing something, you know, even whistleblowers have administration [laughs] and bureaucracy.  So I was doing something administrative.  And the other thing I would also say is that I never in my life met Seth Rich, and he, of course, had sadly been murdered some months before the occasion in which I was there meeting with someone.  And I really don't want to say a great deal more than that at the moment." (Jason Goodman YT, 6/19/2017 @8:45 ff.)
(4) - and (3) continued.  The Guardian had published an article on December 10, 2016, four days before the one in the Daily Mail, quoting Murray on the subject of the leaks.  And so the exact meaning of the following question posed by Jason Goodman during the same interview was, if not explicit, perfectly clear:
Jason Goodman: "And what about the Guardian and the Daily Mail?  George [Webb] is asking about the Guardian and the Daily Mail."
Murray: "The Guardian tells the truth occasionally.  You should never, ever believe anything you read in the Daily Mail."
Goodman: "Very good. Very Good. Now what about the thumb drive at American University?  We went to American University where George attempted to retrace your steps.  And where was the drop?
Murray: "I say, it wasn't actually a thumb drive.  I was doing something by way of administration rather than actually picking up documents." (Jason Goodman YT, 6/19/2017 @13:18 ff.)
He then goes on to describe the actual location of the meeting he had in the wooded area near American University (which George Webb got wrong, and the Daily Mail's image graphic, ironically enough, got RIGHT) - which is certainly of enough juicy interest, the way trivia can be, to be worth discussing as a footnote in a future thread about what Craig Murray HAS said about the leaks.  But it is not germane to the topic here.
It will be appropriate in future posts on this thread to discuss the subsequent travels of the Daily Mail's original misconception about what Murray has claimed, and how it has even been embellished in retellings, and other, less central, problem aspects of the Daily Mail article.  I plan to introduce another thread on the subject of "What Craig Murray HAS said about the leaks", which is actually of great importance in terms of the challenge it presents to the Russiagate narrative.  The topic here is by way of housecleaning in preparation for that.
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