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What is your definition of Populism?


My go-to short definition is "anti-elitism" but that's not great because it's negative and maybe elitism isn't as clear as it could be.

What's the best definition you've heard?

My definition of populism has changed because of our current situation. My definition of populism isn't just giving people free will and a less regulated marketplace, but also an environment where they are not bombarded with propaganda. Before I would have never wanted to regulate a corporation's speech or even attempts to advertise a narrative but with these tech giants buying out every bit of competition and becoming so super massive and able to affect people's banking, communication, and even what they are allowed to think my modern populism includes giving us protections from big corporations, like the second amendment protects us from the government.

You’re making a very good point here that I need to think more about. I think we’re starting to see that the traditional paradigms of “capitalism versus socialism“ or “left/right“ Have broken down because it’s becoming increasingly clear that we have never had really “pure” versions of either of those systems, And so both hard-core libertarians and hard-core Marxist end up being utopians despite themselves.


But part of this is not anybody’s fault, it’s that these were theories that needed to be tested  out in the lab of reality for a lot of the flaws in the theory to be exposed. And rich and powerful people took actions they kept them wealthy and in power. They had access to expensive lawyers and mechanisms of government and every media outlet and universities and so they hope no one would figure out what they were really up to.

Now,  more of us know. And more are funding out the truth, daily.

This wasn't as easy to answer as I thought it was going to be.  The standard thought of the best interest of the people versus the elite (government and private) is close.

I find myself combining ideas from all parties (I've been a registered Democrat, Independent and Republican) and the thought of being labeled irritates me.

While I understand where you're coming from Lee on the populism thing, I personally don't care for my understanding of the term...and that would be 'mob rule'. I believe the framers of our Constitution understood this and put checks & balances in place as a means to protect us from mob rule. Some would argue that the Constitution has failed us, I however believe that unprincipled and immoral people have failed us with the single largest contributing factor to the demise of our Republic being the creation of the security state via the CIA for when an agency as large, lawless, & unaccountable as the CIA cannot possibly contribute to the nation in a positive way.

The problem is that instead of mob rule we have rule by a corrupted system.  I think you are right about the CIA being a large part of the problem.  As for unprincipled and immoral people we will always have these there just needs to be a way to limit their power.  So something about making it harder for a few people to get so much power they are like monarchs.

Quote from KMac on May 19, 2019, 6:41 pm

While I understand where you're coming from Lee on the populism thing, I personally don't care for my understanding of the term...and that would be 'mob rule'.

Who would you prefer to rule?

I would like to see a government that is controlled by the people via our Constitution. We certainly don't have that now and I agree with Lydia that the system has been corrupted. I think we as a nation are in huge trouble. Many are looking to individuals to save us but one individual cannot. My pessimistic side says that its too far gone, I sure as heck hope not. I think that an informed & educated people can and will make the proper decisions. That is much easier said than done though, especially given where we are at this moment in history. We all know that the mainstream 'news' or information flow is controlled. We all know that voices of truth are marginalized. The question now is, how in the world do we reverse this given the vast corrupt system that is in place? I wish I had the answer. I do know that the internet is the best hope at this time and it MUST be a place for a free exchange of ideas. If that goes, no hope. I also think that the speed at which change is occurring is due in large part to the internet. There is no doubt that the powers that control this planet needed to implement the internet as a means of control, but at the same time it allowed people from across the globe...from all walks of life to exchange ideas and information. What we are seeing now is the fear of this 'elite' as they try to manage the psychopathic change that they want while silencing popular sources of influence against them. Terrifying times for sure.

A country and government for those of us in flyover country, the common folk.  A movement that respects the views of the non-movers and shakers in our society.

To be honest, populism is a new term (for me) that Alex Jones throws around about Trump. Don't know much except that I want the Constitution and founding principles of America, and if they'd be been followed and stuck to, we wouldn't be in trouble. I'd like to return to that. No more giving certain states more power either. No more career in politics and get rich quick schemes. They are public servants that should hold real jobs and live in their districts full time. They should understand and follow the Constitution/founding. No more foreign entanglements either. Clean it all out and start over.